Dr. Pamela Aaron Joachim, Dr. George Joachim and Dr. Dustin Sherman are chiropractors in Fort Wayne, Indiana specializing in chiropractic care. We have treated many patients with various conditions. Patients seeking treatment at Aaron Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the highest care. Discover the benefits of chiropractic care with a complimentary consultation with one of the doctors.

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Court settlement proposes heading ban in bid to curtail youth concussions: Football players in the United States aged 10 and under will no longer be allowed to head the ball. In a settlement announced on Monday by Hagens Berman, a law firm that represented
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Great article for runners or any competitive athlete.
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CUP UP! Komet Hockey
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On Sunday, we wrapped up an intensive 4 day training with Doctors of Chiropractic from all over the USA and Canada.
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Standing 3 to 4 hours extra per day is equivalent to running 10 marathons per year!
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12 min/mile pace shows better health results than 8 min/mile pace A little jogging is good for your health, researchers say, but too much might not be. "In this study, the dose of running that was most favorable for reducing mortality was jogging 1 to
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http://highschoolsportsstuff.areavoices.com/2015/01/20/one-sport-athletes/ We see many young athletes breakdown and become injured due to repetitive movements from playing a single sport. We agree with this article and are proponents of participation
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WHAT IS SPINAL STENOSIS? Many middle-aged and elderly people with back pain or neck pain are reading a lot about spinal stenosis. But what exactly is it? Can chiropractic care at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic alleviate back pain due to spinal stenosis? The
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Your spinal health is central to our Fort Wayne chiropractic practice. Our practice is here for your relief of pain, stress, and uncertainty of your condition. We believe knowledge is power. Our mission at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is to help you identify your pain, and provide you with the chiropractic knowledge and power to choose the best course of care for your pain relief. If you suffer with spine pain or spine-related pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain or low back pain, you are not alone.

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is open to meet your needs for spinal pain relief from low back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, stenosis, disc herniation and much more. Our comprehensive treatment approach to spine care includes acute care as well as on-going supportive care. This information and website content is not intended to diagnose, guarantee results, or recommend specific treatment or activity. It is designed to educate and inform only. Please consult your physician for a thorough examination leading to a diagnosis and well-planned treatment strategy.

Arm pain. At Aaron Chiropractic Clinic, we know you're suffering. And we know that, if you're like other sufferers in Fort Wayne, you've searched far and wide for some kind of long-term relief. Take our word on it, we can help. After all, we've helped numerous Fort Wayne residents be liberated from recurring back, leg, neck, or arm pain and improve the quality of their lives - using our Cox Technic chiropractic treatment. We are chiropractic specialists in back manipulation which takes at least seven years of medical training to achieve.

It is popular today in back pain management for back pain relief. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic knows our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients are curious about spinal decompression, too. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic shares this discussion about Fort Wayne spinal decompression and how Aaron Chiropractic Clinic addresses spinal decompression with Cox Technic. Spinal decompression is defined by the oft-referenced website "WebMD" as a gentle stretching of the spine that changes the force and position of the spine to take pressure off the spinal discs.

On your first visit to Aaron Chiropractic Clinic's office, you can expect professional courtesy, answers to your concerns, and a well thought out chiropractic treatment plan for your pain relief and well-being. The first visit will be a bit paperwork intensive - payment information, privacy issues and office guidelines as well as some patient questions about your pain and health history. This information and website content is not intended to diagnose, guarantee results, or recommend specific treatment or activity.

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic recognizes that cost is a worry to some when it comes to your choice of chiropractic care. Our staff at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is most knowledgeable and is here to talk you through your particular situation. Please be aware that although not every chiropractic treatment technique has gone so far as to develop and publish its algorithm of decision-making - its "standard of care" - a specific algorithm of decision-making is published regarding application of Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression, our featured chiropractic technique of choice.

Truly the world is a small place. While providing an update on my back problems to [name withheld], she mentioned that she had a friend with the last name Cox and that his father was a Chiropractor. Several weeks later after hearing even more positive news about my progress and the results of the Cox technique, she decided to reach out to Jason to ask if you were his dad. Whereas I am sure you have heard a number of success stories, I am happy to share mine with you. A bit about myself -- I'm 33, active, good health, medium size frame, no history of back problems.

This site is for informational and educational purposes only. The information contained herein does not constitute the rendering of chiropractic healthcare advice or the provision of treatment or treatment recommendations. Browsing this site does not establish a professional relationship with Aaron Chiropractic Clinic or any member of the Aaron Chiropractic Clinic staff. Any chiropractic or other healthcare or healthcare related decision should be made in consultation with your qualified healthcare provider.