Our multi-disciplinary staff of chiropractors and other health care specialists supplies chiropractic, exercise rehabilitation, professional sports injury care & advice, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, Graston Technique, and workshops on nutrition & weight loss.

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  City Austin, TX
  Zip Code 78703
  Address 1315 West Sixth Street
  Phone Number (512) 474-5433

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Are you sitting here reading this and feeling pain in your head, back, neck, feet, or shoulders? Are you tired of popping pain relievers that barely take the edge off and make you fuzzy-headed - or worse - lead to addiction? At Active Life Chiropractic Clinic we understand that when you've been injured and are in consistent pain, the world never seems quite as bright. When you're unwell, you're held back from living your most vibrant life because of the pain and discomfort you feel. When you're battling an aching back, migraines, foot pain, candida infection, or other frustrating health issues - your quality of life is stolen from you.

Active Life is an Austin, TX Chiropractor with seasoned professionals who have advanced training in a range of specialties. When you visit our office, we will deliver a full range of treatment options appropriate for your condition. At our Chiropractic Clinic in Austin, TX, the doctors and professional staff believe that the body speaks through symptoms. In other words, each symptom is a sign pointing to an underlying, perhaps hidden, health issue. Due to years of training and experience, our professionals know how to identify and interpret the signals your body is sending.

Your team at Active Life Chiropractic Clinic may prescribe massage as a component of your overall treatment plan. You will receive a customized care plan that has a main objective to relieve pain and discomfort at the source of your pain. We consider ourselves different in the fact that the synergy of services we are able to provide ensures a holistic and whole health vision. Being a health clinic that incorporates massage therapy and chiropractic care, our natural treatment options will enhance your overall health and well-being.

First off, thank you so much for coming by. It's safe to say that you are here because you or someone you love is in pain or in some form of discomfort and you are looking for a Chiropractor in Austin TX, you can trust and feel safe with. So let me tell you a little about why I chose to be a Chiropractor and what we stand for here at Active Life. This way, you can make an informed decision about coming to see us for treatment. Well, I had one of those epiphanies when I was a 22 years old. I had been looking into all sorts of different health professions.

Shoulder injuries are unfortunately too easy to experience! Everyday normal activities that require lifting our arms over our heads can lead to a drastic loss of quality of life. If you've found yourself in pain from simply throwing the ball around the yard with your kids, or painting a room in a recent remodel, you've come to the right place. Come see what the health team at Active Life Chiropractic Clinic can do for you, today! If you've been searching for non-surgical shoulder pain relief in the Austin, TX area, you've found it!

At Active Life Chiropractic Clinic, we know your weight is much more than a number on a scale. It's a key measure of your overall health that can influence everything from your sleep and energy levels to your overall self-confidence and outlook on life. We also know how difficult and frustrating it can be to achieve your weight loss goals without the right resources, guidance and support. That's why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Instead, we create personalized programs that are tailor-made to help each of our patients achieve his or her specific weight loss goals through a precise combination of advanced therapies and techniques as well as ongoing nutritional support and one-on-one consultations with our dedicated medical experts and weight loss specialists.

We work on combining the best therapies which we have found over the years. Even if you have been to other chiropractors and healthcare professionals, Active Life may be able to offer you additional relief. When I see what many patients have suffered with and some of the treatments that they have endured, I become even more committed to do what I can to help patients restore full function and decrease their pain levels. Sometimes it is combining chiropractic adjustments along with graston technique for old soft tissue injuries, adhesions and/or scars.