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I wish I could say I am surprised. What gets me is he fully knows that when he features a product, sales of that product skyrocket. Yet he doesn't have the good conscience to spare his audience from the scammers.
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This is an eye-opening study regarding the gluten-free craze cycling through our society. This does not pertain to people who suffer from actual celiac disease, only those who claim non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Diet industries are a multi billion...BILLION
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Scientific proof that full tummies make for happy relationships! Feed your honey or feel the Hangry!
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I am pretty sure that acupuncturists have been doing this outside of the US using e-stim for quite some time now. However, when performed by an acupuncturist, it was completely discounted as a valid modality for cancer treatment. Just like drinking more
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Feeling the heat this summer? Beer has cooling properties that can help beat the heat. But, like always, moderation is the watchword. Too much alcohol promotes the generation of damp and heat.
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For those of you out there who wonder if acupuncturists ever do to themselves the things they put their patients through, this was my self treatment for some jaw pain I have been dealing with. Self-needled and hooked up the electro-stim using shaving
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