She has received eight years of training in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in China where she obtained her M.D. and M.Sc. She was a professor in the Department of Acupuncture at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and practiced acupuncture in Beijing, China. She had been legally practicing acupuncture in Quebec, Canada since 1995 and founded very great reputation.

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  City Paoli, PA
  Zip Code 19301
  Address 250 West Lancaster Avenue # 150
  Phone Number (610) 296-8833

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Did you know all these fantastic facts!?!?! If not, then check it out!
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Living in Harmony with Winter By Kumiko Yamamoto DAOM. L.Ac. Dilp.O.M. After a long and intense summer this...
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"Patients being treated for cancer in Western medicine hospitals in China are routinely encouraged to combine...
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May the Year of the Monkey be filled win peace, joy, hope and the full net of dreams and love.
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Is your New Year's Resolution to be HEALTHY or Lose Weight? We can work with you in order to reach your goals....
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An Evolutionary Step in Nutrition
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Want something natural to try at home before going to the pharmacy? Check out these suggestions:
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From Our Website

Kang Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine is a health treatment practice based on the time-tested tradition of all-natural Chinese medicine. Our mission is simple - help patients achieve optimum health through personalized treatment plans that address the common cold, debilitating pain, disease, fertility and so much more. With our wellness center in Paoli, Pennsylvania, patients on the Main Line and surrounding areas come to us for primary, complementary, or preventative forms of medicine. The passion we have for helping people is the absolute cornerstone of our practice.

At Kang Acupuncture, we offer a wide range of treatments which are tailored to each individual's presenting health picture. This is an ongoing process, reviewed between practitioner and patient at regular intervals of treatment. The aim is to help each individual to get well as soon as possible.

We do take Flex Spending Cards and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for Acupuncture! If your insurance company does cover acupuncture, we are happy to give you a coded receipt, "Super Bill", which you can submit for direct reimbursement. You would have to call your insurance company to verify. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments. We kindly prefer payments in the form of check or cash. Patients are charged $25 for whatever service was scheduled if an appointment is missed or cancelled without the required notice.

Pain is a warning signal, an alarm that goes off when your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong and out balance. Relief of pain is the biggest reason people seek acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture and related therapies are a time-tested, safe, effective, natural and drug-free way for treating acute and chronic pain. There are no side effects. It can help relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and fibromyalgia and sports injuries.