Dr. Peter Zilahy has been practicing complementary medicine for more than thirty two years. He has an extensive experience in functional neurology and medicine along with acupuncture and clinical nutrition. Dr. Zilahy prides himself in being ahead of the curve when it comes to natural methods.

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More than 90 percent of headaches can be classified as tension-type, migraine or cervicogenic. By far, most people get tension-type headaches and get them frequently. They typically suffer mild to moderate pain, on both sides of the head, that is often described as tight, stiff, constricting - like having something wrapped around your head and pressing tightly. Cervicogenic headache is a muskuloskeletal form of tension-type headache (which may also be related to migraines). Many times, cervicogenic headache goes undiagnosed as such due to the relative newness of this classification.

If you goal is to lose 20 pounds, the quickest way is to amputate your leg. Of course that is ridiculous and so are many of the popular fad diets. In order to lose weight permanently, reduce belly fat, look good, feel better, have more energy and improve many chronic illnesses as well as reduce the need for many medications, one needs to adopt a therapeutic lifestyle. Losing weight is not as important as losing fat weight. Many diets result in losing muscle mass rather than fat. Also many diets turn down your thermostat and when you go back to normal eating you gain the weight right back.

Stress is an integral part of life and plays a role in our productivity, happiness and health. There is a degree of stress necessary for our body to function. The complete absence of any stress results in death. Conservative estimates indicate that abnormal stress is the major contributing cause in 75% of all human illnesses. Stress has been implicated in diseases ranging from backaches to headaches, from hypertension to chronic degenerative diseases. Given this fact, one can reason that living with the stresses of the modern world is more hazardous to health than living with almost any other of the publicized threats to human health.

You truly are what you eat.and that starts with how food and other natural substances that complement the diet affect your cells and influence your health. In the past, the main focus was on the nutrients we might be missing. That's still important. However, now scientists realize that there's a lot more to consider when planning our daily diets than just avoiding a deficiency. Healthy eating, nutrition, and other modifiable lifestyle factors can help you reverse the disease process and improve health.