Acupuncture & natural health solutions offers services in traditional chinese medicine. We specialize in acupuncture, chinese massage, chinese energy work, patent herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, chinese bodywork (tuina), nutritional supplements, and nutritional counseling.

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  • Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Exercise Therapy

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  • Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, SW Florida

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  Person Toni Eatros
  City Naples, FL
  Zip Code 34109
  Address 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd Suite 146
  Phone Number (239) 260-4566

Business Representative

Toni Eatros

MS, Dipl.Ac., AP

Toni is a certified acupuncturist in both Florida & Washington states. She provides all of the services offered by Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions. She holds a Master's of Science degree in Acupuncture from Bastyr University. Toni is recognized as a diplomate of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Toni studied in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington. She has also received training in Japanese style acupuncture from NIAOM (Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine), in Seattle, Washington.

Toni completed her undergraduate work at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Here, Toni received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Liberal Studies with heavy focus on the physical and biological sciences. Toni also finished two minor degree programs, one in Business Administration and the other in Health Science.

Toni excels at personalizing her treatment style by mixing these techniques to fit the individual needs of her clients. In addition to acupuncture, Toni uses many other techniques while treating her customers. These techniques include moxibustion, TDP lamp, tuina (chinese body work), electro-acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional supplements.

Together with her acupuncture training, Toni has completed the basic science portion of the Naturopathic Medical program at Bastyr University. This basic science training has tremendously increased her understanding of disease processes from the Western medical view. She is very comfortable helping you understand your health care concerns and the available options for treatment.

Toni treats all types of conditions, but is specialist in relief of all types of pain, menopause symptoms, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, whiplash, smoking cessation, and all types of gynecological issues.

Toni feels very comfortable speaking with all types of health care practitioners and integrating treatment plans and goals. She is experienced about all types of health care issues, disease processes, and treatment methods. Toni believes in integrated health care and thinks that health care practitioners should speak to one another about their patient's health care needs. This increased communication between providers will make for more comprehensive treatment approach and better quality care for the patient.

Toni's main objective is to offer a pleasant and relaxing treatment atmosphere. She believes that stress management is key to good health and provides a place for her clients to relax without interruption. All of her patients leave the treatment feeling relaxed and more in balance.

Contributing to the community is very important to Toni, so she has been volunteering much of her time to the Galisano Children's Museum of Naples (C'mon).

Products & Services

Acupuncture Services

I was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine Style Acupuncture and practiced it for the first eight years of my practice. During the course of my continuing education training, I had the good fortune to study meridian theory, also know as Dr Tan’s Balance Method, with Dr Tan. The information I learned was very different from the TCM style acupuncture that I was taught in school. For pain conditions, results are instant. I began utilizing the Balance Method in my practice and started seeing miraculous results. TCM gives good results, but for me, the Balance Method is my treatment of choice. It effects are immediate, and results are predictable. As a result I am unable to go back to my old way of treating.

Almost all treatment is performed on the arms and legs below the elbows and knees. I do not put needles into the injured area, rather I treat distally to heal the affected body part. For example, if you come in with tennis elbow, I will do acupuncture on the other elbow or either knee. This allows you to move the injured area and assess the change that has taken place.

Pediatric Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment for babies and children is one aspect of acupuncture pediatrics and is something we use regularly here in our clinic. As defined by the Holistic Pediatrics Association, holistic pediatrics is a practical approach to pediatric care that focuses on the principles of health, wellness and the safe resolution to illness. Holistic pediatrics is dedicated to integrating treatments that utilize natural methods to stimulate healing, recover balance and support the body’s own resilience.

As an adjunct to conventional pediatric care, I offer “baby/child well visits” where I spend 30 – 60 minutes with each pediatric patient and their family. This extra time allows me to address some of the deficiencies of conventional pediatric care such as nutritional counseling, illness prevention, attention to environmental toxins, and home treatments that can be initiated at the first sign of illness.

I am very passionate about using holistic treatments for babies, children and teens. I believe that each child is unique and that generic western treatments may not always be able to adequately address the challenges faced by each child. Before resorting to powerful western drugs, which may have unwanted side effects, I recommend trying therapies which are less invasive and have no unwanted side effects.

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I was terrified of needles. Until Toni showed me, I could not even feel the needle, either going in, or when it was in there. I first went to Toni for a terrible toothache and a painful back. She worked on healing both the very same day and NEVER have I had the toothache back and the back was pain free for over a year. Toni becomes so attuned to your body, she can feel where your pain is without you telling her most of the time. Thank you Toni!!!! So Much.

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Customer Testimonials

Toni saved my life. I had really bad eczema and spent a couple years back and forth in Dermatology offices. They were treating me with steroid topical's and steroid injections. Nothing was helping! I got worse. I was itching and had hives all over my body. My skin was inflamed so badly it hurt when I touched it. I couldn't sleep at night since I was having uncontrollable itching. I was so tired from lack of sleep and my anxiety level was so high from itching continuously my blood pressure went up! My first visit with Toni was January 18th she started me on a herbal and probiotic treatment as well as acupuncture and within a few days my itching stopped. She taught me foods to eliminate from my diet as well.

She was attentive and professional. Within a couple weeks the inflammation got better and all my hives were flat. This review cannot describe my improvements. I have never felt better and I owe it to Toni. My skin has cleared up NO flare ups and NO itching! Its a miracle how quickly the treatment worked. Toni has shown me how effective acupuncture and natural health is! She treated my problem not just the symptoms. My life feels normal again. She has healed me in so many ways. I would highly recommend Toni for any skin issues.

Toni is a very thorough and talented acupuncture physician. She treats my entire family, including my children. Since seeing Toni, my family is healthier and has not needed to see a primary care physician for illness and has not needed pharmaceuticals. I recommend her to everyone!

Love it!!! Since seeing Toni I am so much healthier, my sinus is finally clearing up and I have so much more energy with all natural health solutions.

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Toni. She is kind, compassionate and was able to successfully treat me and many others I personally know. I love the auricular seed treatment. To your health and wellness

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From Our Website

Welcome to Acupuncture and Natural Health Solutions, located in north Naples, Florida. I specialize in treating chronic illness, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, hormone disorders, digestive complaints and many other ailments using acupuncture, functional medicine, practical homeopathy, herbs and supplements. I am located in Naples, Florida and have patients that live in Bonita Springs, Estero, Ave Maria, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Fort Lauderdale, and Venice.

I am so happy that you are here and are thinking about exploring all of the wonderful benefits that acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, herbs, functional medicine and other natural therapies have to offer. Daily, I am amazed at the wonderful healing that occurs when these modalities are used. I would be extremely honored to gently guide you through the world of acupuncture, functional medicine and natural medicine in Naples, Florida. Let me introduce myself. I am Toni Eatros, Acupuncture Physician licensed and practicing in Naples, Florida since 2009.

I am very impressed with Toni Eatros. Her acupuncture techniques and approach to health is amazing! She really listens to your issues, and then comes up with the best solution in the least amount of time.

During the initial exam, a full health history is taken. Questions are asked regarding health, symptoms and lifestyle. An appropriate physical exam is conducted, including pulse, tongue and sometimes ear diagnosis. Gathering this information enables me to effectively diagnose and detect any specific imbalances of Qi that may have contributed to your health problems. I can then create a well-structured treatment plan. Once the imbalances of Qi are detected, I will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints along meridian pathways.