Introductory phone consultation, 20 minutes, no charge. If you are thinking about trying Hypnosis to overcome a problem you have and improve your life, you've come to the best place! Advanced Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective process which assists people make significant changes in their lives. Whatever your problem or issue is, I know it's bothering you, and could be disrupting your life.

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I would like to share with you the reasons why I practice Hypnotherapy because it's not just a job to me. It has been a positive and healing transformation in many parts of my life, beginning in my 49th year (2003). At this time of my life I was dedicated to my healing. I had to find a process to heal my wounds and issues and after finding it I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. On the testimonials pages you read how Advanced Hypnotherapy has improved and healed many people's lives.

Hi, my name is Randy Shaw. I've been fortunate to have helped hundreds of people overcome all kinds of problems and obtain significant breakthroughs, often with more success than they thought possible. This includes "small" challenges and issues, all the way up to life-crushing problems. For several examples of success with the Advanced Hypnotherapy I created and evolved, please visit the testimonial pages, both writtenandvideoreports. With Randy, we were able to dig really deep and discover my real fear of water.

Most people do not realize how feelings control our lives, especially negative feelings. Our feelings and emotions are generated from our experiences and we carry many feelings (emotional energy) inside us, even years later after those experiences. The feelings and emotions that we carry inside us will determine not only how we feel but also the way we think and act. It is amazing to find and recognize, the feelings we have "under" the surface. Like an iceberg, over 90% of our feelings and perceptions (beliefs) live below conscious awareness.

Breakup and Divorce can be devastating. But for 16 years I have been helping people get through the pain and suffering of breakup and divorce, to attain recovery and healing, and move forward into dignity and success. When we have to leave -or are thrown out of- a marriage or relationship, it can literally whiplashour life. It feels like the world that we were living in just ceased to exist and got turned on its head. Thenwe are left feeling stunned, traumatized, and struggling to find some way to keep from crashing and burning.

Making hypnosis safe and effective: I will help you respectfully work with your subconscious mind to get cooperation, and the advantage to this approach is you can obtain information that opens up the doors to the changes you seek. Early in 2004, for my own healing needs, I found an evolved and modern method of Hypnotherapy that could get to the core/roots and work with the Subconscious Mind respectfully and interactively. This method was very superior to traditional hypnosis because it focused on getting healing changes, not just programmed behavior changes.