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The legacy of truly powerful medicine: love and kindness.
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While diminishing inflammation is a big part of our approach to cognitive enhancement and dementia prevention, the title of this article is misleading. First, the people in the study already had dementia. Second, the study was very small. Third, it is
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Just a reminder that, even in the most dire situations, we still have choices.
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Teaching moment. This is a good example of the kind of sensationalism that confuses people and contributes little to the debate about sugar. 1st, this is a rat study - rats process sugar differently than humans. 2nd, this is a pilot study - it suggests
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Inflammation is a foundation process that is at the root of many major diseases, including heart disease, musculoskeletal pain, stroke, and depression. And there is so much that natural medicine can do to help with this!
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In combination with other studies that suggest SSRIs are marginally effective for mild to moderate depression, perhaps we should be considering other options as a first line approach to depression.
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A review article in Medscape delineates the lack of evidence to support a yearly flu vaccination. We have posted the source article below, though it requires a subscription to see the article. Main points: 1. Flu vaccination development started after
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Further evidence that antidepressants need to be approach with significant caution. It is not uncommon to see patients express more concern about NSAIDs than the antidepressant they are taking, despite published studies that some antidepressants are no
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Living with a body that doesn't work right or feel right is miserable. Having your life locked down and not able to function and enjoy opportunities is limiting. This isn't how your life is supposed to be. And not knowing how to fix it makes it even worse. At the Alpine Valley Wellness Center, we get it. We also understand that you have probably tried many treatments, seen other medical providers, and taken many remedies. They may have helped for a while but they didn't solve your problem. You're still feeling awful, tired, unhappy, and frustrated.

The Alpine Valley Wellness Center (AVWC) is an integrative medical facility that draws from the best of conventional and natural medical strategies. We offer a wide range of modalities, from primary care, women's health, and pain management services to injection therapy, counseling, and healthy aging optimization. Dr. Piscopo and Dr. Thomas integrate evidence-based interventions from conventional, naturopathic, and Chinese medicine together with several ground-breaking psycho-emotional approaches to assist their patients in a comprehensive fashion.