Specializing in wellness driven fitness. We start with a free assessment to determine movement impairments, joint and muscle pains, and injury potential. Next, we correct impairments through bodywork, stretching and corrective exercise. We graduate you from private one on one work to small group fitness classes with a trainer. We match you into a group that is right for you, then help you to establish good body mechanics and a habit of exercise. Many clients have resolved back, shoulder, hip and other serious pains, or have overcome serious balance issues, then have gone on to very active, fulfilling lives.

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  Person Ascending Fitness
  City Black Mountain, NC
  Zip Code 28711
  Address 203 Black Mountain Avenue
  Phone Number (828) 707-3798

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Massage Therapist Jim Frith, LMBT#14700, is Medical Massage Certified. He has been doing deep tissue work for 8 years, and has helped countless people out of chronic pains. Patients have driven from Black Mountain, Swannanoa, throughout the Asheville area, and even as far away as Charlotte just to get treatment from Jim. Issues he has extensively, successfully worked with include the following:

Body: Back, shoulder, chest, hip, and groin pains. Frozen shoulder.

Extremities: Wrist, elbow, thumb, arm, knee, shin, ankle, and foot pains. Leg and foot cramps. Plantar fasciitis. Carpal tunnel.

Head and neck: TMJ, migraines, neck pains, and impaired range of motion.

Customer Testimonials

I knew within the first half hour with him that I had finally met someone who not only understood what was going on with my body, but also knew what to do to fix it.

I have worked with many trainers through out the years. Jim is by far the very best. He takes the time to get to know your body and develop a routine to strengthen your body without injury. He is professional, courteous and attentive. I am extremely pleased with my results and would (and have) recommend him to anyone hands down.

Although I have worked with elite trainers over the years, none has had a handle on my issues like Jim Frith. My first session with Jim did wonders. I actually did not feel stress and pain that had become normal for me. Then he provided a detailed evaluation that told me what has caused my chronic pains and tightness, how to stay rid of them, and how to make my body function better no matter what I am doing, whether it is running drills for my son’s basketball team or hustling through an airport on business. Now I can move better, I can sleep more comfortably, I have more strength, and I can easily do things that would probably have injured me in the past. Jim’s guidance is invaluable. Before I switched to Jim, I had reached a fitness plateau, and I was almost ready to give up on trainers. Jim took me to the next level, and I feel great! I highly recommend Jim to anyone who wants an easier and more reliable path to health and fitness.

In just one month working with Jim my leg spasms are gone! I now sleep through the night and my flexibility is dramatically improved. My husband declares this is the best money we have ever spent. Jim Frith’s expertise changed my life!

There is a serious need for fitness training in this age of obesity and physical dysfunction. I audited a personal trainer certification class taught by Jim and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to teach and his knowledge of the sciences related to exercise and nutrition. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert guidance in fitness.