Living a healthy life and making healthy decisions is increasingly difficult in an age of microwave meals and instant communication and finding an alternate path from the status quo can be a challenge, which is why at Axis Chiropractic + Wellness we aim to provide the tools people require to break away from the norm and escape from constant pain, low energy and a less than optimal sense of well-being. Our core philosophy is firmly centered on prevention and preventative care, believing that you can and will experience tremendous results by making personal strides towards better health through simple lifestyle changes and chiropractic.

The state of being in pain is not normal nor is it the way we were intended to live life and solutions like drugs and surgery are aggressive measures to achieve relief from pain. We offer a more conservative approach to pain management which is very safe, gentle, and effective. Through the use of a handheld instrument, the Activator, our patients remain in a comfortable and neutral position throughout the entire course of treatment. With this gentle technique we are able to achieve astounding results, with patients often feeling marked improvement after the initial treatment. The proof of what chiropractic can do for you is something you should experience - take control and align your health with Axis Chiropractic + Wellness!

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  Person Dr. Benjamin Chambers, D.C.
  City Lees Summit , MO
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Dr. Benjamin Chambers, D.C.

My life’s passion lies in alternative health and wellness care. Stricken with illness in my early twenties I found hope outside of conventional medicine, having gained no relief from the prescription drugs and other therapies offered at the time. At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which relegated me to a life spent at home, unable to work or attend school—getting out of bed was all I had energy for each day. In seeking conventional medical treatment by some of the area’s most renowned specialists, I was told to “go home and learn to live with CFS and develop coping skills.” I could not accept this dismal sentence. Through changes in exercise, diet, lifestyle, and regular chiropractic adjustments I was able to overcome insurmountable fatigue, recurrent illness, and pain and I began to rebuild my life with the tools of chiropractic and holistic health practitioners. This journey defined my passion for health and propelled me into the field of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.

Health and living pain free is within reach for all of us. However, achieving true health can be a mystery with the flood of information and misinformation present in our world today. It is my personal vow to provide my patients with the means to make informed decisions regarding their health, to provide them with drug-free pain relief, and to instill in my patients the tools necessary to achieve lasting health and vitality. Align your health - you can do it!

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Acceptance to move beyond illness and find balance in your life:
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