Barger Chiropractic of Folsom has been serving the surrounding communities with safe, effective chiropractic care for over 15 years. Over 2000 cases of headache, neck pain, mid and low-back pain, as well as arm and leg pain relief.

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  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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  • Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Granite Bay, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova

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  • Debit Cards, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Cash

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  Person James Barger, DC
  City Folsom, CA
  Zip Code 95630
  Address 231 Blue Ravine Rd, # 200
  Phone Number (916) 984-9999

Business Representative

James Barger, DC

Dr. of chiropractic

Over 25 years experience treating over 2500 Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Sacramento area residents.

  • I would recommend this business

Dr. Jim Barger is the best chiropractor. He basically has magic in his hands. I was in his office with terrible back-pain and not able to move forward even by 5 degrees. After he applied his procedures on my back, I was out of his office with my back fixed and relieved. I was expecting going into office that it would take multiple visits before my back is normal, and it is a sweet surprise that my back got fixed in my first visit. He is honest and explains the root cause of the issue and treatment procedure with patience. Appointment is on time and no wait time if online papers are filled upfront.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Dr Barger has gone where very few have ventured; my Neck. I've been seeing Chiropractors for 35 years and none have had the competence to adjust my Neck on every visit. Both Karen and Dr B are friendly and my Appts have been on time, no wait time.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Have had a few sessions and now can give an informed opinion. Love this office. Back and neck have been in much less pain since I've been coming in. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking chiropractic.

Karen was very nice and does a great job. Dr. Barger knows his stuff and made sure I understood everything before he treated me. My back feels so much better!

My back went out while visiting my mom in Folsom. She recommended I see her chiropractor, Dr. Barger. I was able to see him that afternoon, walked into his office in extreme low-back pain, had an evaluation, adjustment and therapy, and walked out much better! Been to other chiropractic offices that don't do much of anything the first day, but not here. Very thorough, caring and competent. Thank you

It used to be that I would wake up every day with my back hurting, my neck stiff and wondering how bad my headache would be later with the stress at work. Finally took my friend's advice and visited Barger Chiropractic. Dr. Barger did a great job of explaining everything to me and letting me know what he could do to help me. A brief initial plan of treatment was recommended with the understanding that if I did not respond as expected, he would discontinue care and refer me back to my primary care doc. There was no pressure at all.

After the first few visits, I could not believe how much better I felt. I no longer dread getting up in the mornings, the back and neck pain is gone. I now go back in for a "tune up" every now and then, depending on the amount of stress I'm under. Karen, at the front desk, is always helpful and courteous. I never have to wait more than a few minutes for an appointment and it is probably the only appointment I actually look forward to going to.

After years of on again, off again neck, back and head-aches and not getting any lasting relief with Advil or physical therapy, I finally decided to give chiropractic a shot. Read some reviews, asked some friends and even risked getting tossed out of my medical docs office about chiropractic. Funny thing, he didn't get mad at the thought of me going to a chiropractor. He even referred me to Barger Chiropractic in Folsom.
I wish I had looked into this sooner! Dr. Jim Barger is a very competent and caring individual and outlined my options after doing a thorough evaluation. Long story shortened, after a few treatments and changes in my lifestyle that he recommended (like getting off the couch and exercising), I am now in better control of my overall health. As long as I follow his recommendations, I am doing so much better and recommend him highly.

With all the driving I do to and from the SF bay area, I get pretty stressed out, with headaches, neck and back pain. Past auto accidents and sports injuries have not helped either. A friend recommended I try chiropractic, so I asked my MD about that and he said he has had good results with patients he had referred to Barger Chiropractic of Folsom.
He explains everything in advance and lays out a definite plan of action. Can be busy at times, but waiting is kept to a minimum, with pleasant conservations with his receptionist, Karen. We now have my aches and pains under control with occasional tune-ups. Too bad Dr. Barger doesn't have a satellite office in the bay area. He is one talented chiropractor!


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From Our Website

Do you suffer from chronic pain or other health problems and are seeking safe, natural and effective solutions? Do you get discouraged with the treatment from traditional medical care? At Barger Chiropractic, enjoy our state of the art chiropractic facility and discover a true wellness lifestyle. You'll discover the natural way to better health without resorting to the use of expensive prescription medications. We are convinced that after one visit to our Folsom office, you will see why chiropractic is the safe and effective alternative to back surgery.

Health should be viewed as an evolving state or process that that starts at birth and continues until we die. The healthcare crisis that is now raging throughout our country is causing people to ask some pointed questions about the type of care they are receiving and what changes are needed to the current model of health care. We have been taught since childhood that if we have no symptoms, we are well. The advertising media has preconditioned us to believe that all we need to do is "pop this pill" any time a symptom appears and all will be cured.

We know a first visit to a doctor can be stressful. Filling out paperwork and getting to know your way around the office can be overwhelming. At Barger Chiropractic of Folsom, we want to reduce your stress and make you comfortable. Chiropractic is like building a house-you have to build it in order or it will never be right! You can't put the walls up until the foundation is already poured and solid, and you can't get the roof up until the walls are up and in their proper place. If you do it in the wrong order it will never be right.

When you choose Dr. Barger to be your health care provider, he will make great efforts to find out as much as he can about your health. It is only fair that you learn something about him too. My first experience with chiropractic came about shortly after I experienced a violent tackle while playing football in high school. My father took me to his chiropractor, who promptly found the cause of my aching neck and back. The results - after just a few adjustments-were fantastic! I felt like I had regained my competitive life, as well as discovering a new passion for this form of healing.

Barger Chiropractic Office of Folsom, specialize in treating soft tissue injuries resulting from auto accidents; particularly whiplash injuries. Whiplash from motor vehicle accidents is thought to be a major cause of late-developing chronic neck pain, headaches and stiffness. Even low-speed accidents can generate enough kinetic energy to cause microscopic ligament and muscle tears and vertebral misalignments. It is important to make sure that these injuries are properly treated to prevent problems from resurfacing in the future.

Back pain is the most prevalent of all musculoskeletal conditions, afflicting nearly everyone at some time in their life. It can occur from multiple actions, ranging from bending over to lift a toothpick off the floor to falling from a second story roof, or it can appear unprovoked. Pain of any kind is natures way of telling you that something is wrong. One method of dealing with this pain is to silence it with pain killing drugs. But that is like punching out the check -engine light in your car.

Your neck is comprised of seven bones (vertebrae) which are the most flexible in the human spine. Now imagine trying to balance a 12 pound bowling ball all day long on top of these bones. That is what your neck and shoulders do, with your head being the bowling ball. The neck can move your head in multiple directions, making it susceptible to injury and pain. The smallest variation in the relationship between the bones of your cervical spine ( neck ) can cause pain and restricted range of motion.