Located in S. Buffalo is a small home-based business. Amongst the various houses, there's an unassuming old home where a non-denominational Minister lives.

Be Good 2 Mother has been in business since 2005 doing most of it's sales online. During that time Rev. Kimberly Bateau has helped many people locally as well as internationally with spiritual needs: Reiki, for both people and animals, Home visits, Shamanic sessions, Tarot readings, Dream interpretations, Baby blessings, House smudgings and clearings and much more.
She is as unique as they come, and treats each client with respect, caring and professionalism.
Although she's an alternative healer, she's down to earth, accesible and ready to put 110% into each case.

She is affiliated with the ULC (Universal Life Church), Reiki Blessings Academy, International Natural Healer's Association and the Pet Chaplain group.
Prices at Be Good 2 Mother Earth are reasonable, but don't let that fool you, that does not diminish the quality of products sold nor the treatment you will receive from Rev. Kimberly. She has set her prices so that her services are available to all people. Payment plans are available to those who need it.

Her intuitive mind has been commented on by many clients. Her healing jewelry and sacred sculptures are loved by all who purchase them. She's personally tested the candles and smudge she sells.

Rev. Kimberly is an adivocate for Autism, Animal Rights, Reforesting the planet, Conserving the Ocean, Animals and the Planet.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Shamanic extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Reiki (Long distance and Local)
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Unique Spiritual Items

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • ULC of Modesto, CA
  • Usui Reiki Certification- Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Karuna Ki Reiki Certification- Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Pet Chaplain
  • Registered Healer, INHA

Serviced Areas

  • Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas, Long Distance

Payment Options

  • Google Checkout, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Also accepts cash and personal checks for local clients.

Contact Details

  Person Rev. Kimberly Bateau
  City Buffalo, NY
  Zip Code 14220
  Address 97 Alsace Avenue
  Phone Number (716) 795-8157

Business Representative

Rev. Kimberly Bateau


Kimberly was born in Upstate NY, but now resides in Buffalo, NY. Her love of nature and all things magickal has brought her to the path she is on today. She's an openly practicing Nature-Child.
She was ordained a non-denominational minister by the ULC of Modesto CA. She's a certified Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher through the Reiki Blessings Academy. She's a registered healer through the International Natural Healers Assoc.
She's also an ecclectic artist through various mediums including: Paint, Sculpture, Crochet, Knit and Jewelry Making. Her artwork is for sale on the website.

Products & Services

Shamanic Services

Shamanic Services

Now offering shamanic services. I am a shamanic practitioner. Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. There are many forms of shamanism in the world. I do not call myself a "Shaman" because I believe to do so would be an insult to Shamans that have been taught traditionally by time honoured Shamans. I feel the term is thrown around too loosely. However, I do believe that I have to right to say that I practice Shamanism in the fact that I follow the basic principals that are found in common throughout most traditions:

The spirits can play important roles in human lives.
Shamans engage various processes and techniques to incite trance; such as: singing, dancing, meditating and drumming.
Animals play an important role, acting as omens and message-bearers, as well as representations of animal spirit guides.
The shaman's spirit leaves the body and enters into the supernatural world during certain tasks.
The shamans can treat illnesses or sickness; they are healers. *

Shamanistic practitioners work with the Spirit; healing^ illness at a Spiritual Level. They gain knowledge and insight from communication on various levels with Trees, Rocks, Ancestors, Animals. To a Shaman, all things have a consciousness and a purpose. Everything is alive.

In order to heal the illness, the Shaman must look at various things. Firstly, the Shaman will look into your spirit to see where the power is missing or perhaps it's misplaced. You may have fragments of your soul lost. You may have lost one of your Animal or Spirit Guides. It is then the job of the Shaman to retrieve those fragments or missing Guides and return them to you so that you may heal; or put the misplaced energy back where it belongs.

Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness. How does this energy get displaced? Since the Spirit is able to move about freely, it is believed by a Shaman that the need to "take leave of the body in order to protect oneself from harm" is how this happens. For example, when you're angry at someone, and you pent up all that rage, the energy has to go somewhere, without proper expulsion of this energy, it builds up, and finds a place to take up "residence" such as in your stomach and could cause things like ulcers.

Soul Retrieval Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it will do so when dreaming, or it will leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations be they emotional or physical. There are many reasons for soul loss: abuse, accidents, loss of a loved one. Sometimes soul fragments will come back on their own, but sometimes they will not. What are some of the symptoms of soul loss? Disassociation, Feeling like "you've not been the same since (event) happened", depression that just won't go away*.

Power Animal Retrieval we all have power animals that work within us. These are gifts from the Divine which are characteristics of these animals that help us on our lives' journeys. Often times due to injuries such as in the section pertaining to Soul Loss, we lose them. A Shaman can journey to retrieve them back. A power animal helps protect our spirit, keep us free from illnesses, give us self-esteem. Without them, we often feel "less than", deflated, not "quite ourselves".

Shamanic Journeying is a tool for spiritual growth. It also can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through issues. When someone goes on a journey they are able to communicate on a spiritual level. They can go and visit guardian spirits, they can go and visit spirits of the land. A journeyer can use a journey to examine the health of their body or another's body. They can also discover things about the world.

Question: Can these things be done long distance?

Answer: Absolutely! Since the Shaman works on a Spiritual level, and journeys to other worlds, it is not necessary to be together when performing these tasks.

Question: What can I expect?
Answer: First you'll share some information with me, consider it a small intake interview (This can be done by phone or email) : What you are feeling, what is going on, what you're concerned about.

Please note: due to ethical beliefs, I cannot do any shamanic work for any one under age of 16 without parental consent (please email me at info@begood2motherearth. com for the consent forms which you can then sign and email back or snail mail them to me) .

During the session, it is highly suggested we set up a time and you take the time to lie down and relax comfortably (Just like the Attunements for Reiki) . A session will last about 30 - 60 minutes.

Then, I will do a shamanic journey to diagnose the problems. Lastly I will do what is needed, whether it be:

Soul Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Extraction

Reiki Services for people

$40.00 per session

I have an in-home office I call the "Healing Room" that is available for your convenience. Please note that the Healing Room is on the second floor if mobility is an issue. Call the office (795-8157) or email me to make an appointment. I do not take walk-in appointments.


Reiki is available in my office called the Healing Room. Please note that the Healing Room is located on the second floor in case you have mobility issues.
The room is very comfortable and includes a Reiki table, soft lighting, relaxing music.

Senior and children under 16 discounts available.

Payment plans available.

Spiritual Counseling

$40.00 per hour (sessions last 1 hour)

Are you looking to find out more about yourself?
Do you feel you need spiritual growth?

Perhaps Spiritual Counseling is for you. Spiritual Counseling offers new ways to look at yourself and life. You will learn new ways to deal with things through various meditations, exercises, mantras and visualizations.

Crystal Healing Sessions

$40.00/session (session lasts an hour)

Crystals have amazing healing power. When used properly, they can help attune a person's energy systems, locate problematic areas, cleanse the body, mind and soul.
Various crystals and gemstones may be used, crystal grids may be set up to the client's specific needs.
All sessions last approx. 1 hour.

  • I would recommend this business
  • Easily accessible, Kind, Great All Around!
  • None!

The beauty of her work is astounding! I need from the moment I saw her creations how special they are and that was affirmed when I received them. A warm gentle feeling with a beautiful vessel. I am so please to do business with her!

Value for moneyPriceless
Service & supportFantastic
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • So many advantages, where do I begin?
  • None

A few months back I had Reiki done on myself for knee pain in both knees, I was amazed at how well I can now walk down the stairs without holding on. I was sooo happy with my own results that I purchased gift certificates for my children and sister. Again with great results for them. I have also had Kim do some room smudging for us and I have also purchased jewelry for myself and my daughter. The jewelry is so beautiful and when I wear it I recieve compliments. I truely have no complaints, all my questions are always answered. Kim is just wonderful to be around, she is so down to earth and non-judgemental, so accepting and understanding. I do and will recommend her and her products.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Talented, professional, kind
  • NONE

I have always had really bad menstral cramps so bad that my family had to literally carry me everywhere. I even went through two surgeries to help get rid of my pain. Kim performed reiki on me and I have been pain free for almost a year now. She made my experience wonderful. She is very kind and professional!

I also had a custom goddess made.. She was beautiful very well done can withstand the weather. She made her to my specifications and was done in a timely fashion.

Value for moneyHer work is amazing
Service & supportVery kind and understanding
LocationToo bad she doesn't live near me
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Accessible, talented, very professional
  • NONE

I've had chronic neck and back pain for quite some time. Her reiki has helped alleviate alof that so that I can sit for longer periods of time and be virtually pain free.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • When things go bump in the night, I don't start imagining that ghosts are coming to get me
  • None. She's great.

We purchased a 130+ year old house in the Buffalo area late last year. I loved the house, but I felt unsafe and a little creeped out every time I went inside. Before we moved in, Rev. Kimberly came to the house and smudged every inch, from the attic to the cellar and inside every closet, cupboard and drawer. I can't explain why this is so comforting, all I know is, I've felt safe and easy in the house ever since. I can be alone at night and not be scared. I'm really, really glad I decided to hire Rev. Kimberly. She's friendly and very kind.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • The perfect price for service so fine and quality the comes from the best!
  • None that I can really think of. I guess you could say a disadvantage is that her work isn't edible?

I loved the items I bought from Kimberly! She is so sweet and understanding, especially when I was put into the hospital and had to delay payment. Her work is high quality and made from the heart!

Value for money
Service & support
LocationI wished she lived closer to me!
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Jeanine Ott

"I felt lying down would be the best way for me to receive this wonderful, positive energy. As I calming laid there with my palms upward to receive the full benefit. I first noticed and felt the pure energy going to my heart chakra, my heart felt warm like and in a way felt like singing up and outward, due to the gentle and healing energy my heart was was being fed..for you see, I had been under some stress and anxiety for a couple of months due to my schedule with so much going on in my life - next I noticed my hands, arms, and upper body tingling with a vibrating pure energy - then I felt a splash of heavier warm energy on my left thigh..for you see this is the leg that is almost an inch shorter than my right leg..this made me smile inward, because I knew what a wonderful Reiki Master Kimberly is just by feeling the powerful healing energy that I was receiving through her, through out my body in the areas that I truly needed it most..I knew my session was coming to a close when I noticed the energy had cooled down some, and not as strong as it went out through my feet..I throughly enjoyed my attunement very much with Kimberly Bateau, and felt refreshed afterwards..I flook orward to another session with her, once again.. Thank you, Kim!"
--Love and Blessings,
Jeanine from Texas

Testimonial from K. Poore

"I was totally relaxed. I could definitely feel some energy between Rev. Kimberly's hands and my chakras. I could feel warmth radiating from her hands."
--K. Poore from NY

"I have a lot of neck problems and my neck felt really great afterwards. I could feel the energy going through some of the problem areas in my neck and back. I felt an intense heat coming from her hands. I have had a few healings now from her and it definitely reduces stress and puts me in a great state of relaxation."
-- Paul from NY

Testimonial from Darcy Ashline

"Since having a healing session from Kimberly, I notice that I'm more relaxed, I don't seem to get as angry so quickly. I find I have more energy. Normally I take a nap in the midmorning, but don't seem to need one. Thank you!"
- Darcy from NY

I had asked Rev. Kimberly Bateau to do 4 different Reiki sessions on our 4 cats. Tammie, Ty, Jasmin, and Shadow-Moon.
Each cat of course had different areas they needed healing on or to see if they had messages to send back to me.
I have to say, any and all of the extensive healing work and connections that Rev. Kimberly Bateau did with each cat was truly amazing, in the sense that I noticed how more calm and happier all of our cats were after their sessions with Kimberly.

Because of my deep love and connection with animals, it is very important for me to know whomever I choose to work on or with our animals, feels the same way too, and to know that special person carries in their heart an unconditional willingness to help, heal, and express love in their work towards animals - well I found that special person to do just that and she has, I am most grateful and honored to recommed Rev. Kimberly Bateau to work with your animal and know in your heart, your animal is receiving the very best treatment with the positive loving results every time.
Thank you kindly Rev. Kimberly Bateau for all you are and all you did for our beautiful cats and they thank you too!

Love and Blessings,

I am writing this testimonial as a huge thankyou to Kimberly who has helped me tremendously the past month, she has been a great help and a good friend to me. I wrote to Kimberly and she responded straight away and was very willing to assist me with my problem, she offered to help.
She gave me her opinion on things and Kimberly's advice was excellent, Kimberly always replied to my emails in a caring and understanding manner. She was always there for me no matter what time it was, she always replied. Kimberly did alot of healings for me and the attunement was awesome, I felt great within myself and my thoughts improved. I highly recommend Kimberly as she is very honest and trustworthy she is willing to help and give her time to you. As she has been there for me, I am lucky to have met her. Thanks so much Kimberly for your warmth and understanding.
Love and light be with you always"

-Katerina, Australia

I had contacted Rev. Kimberly Bateau about doing a shamanic journey for me concerning an issue in my life that I was stuck and didn't or couldn't receive an answer to..I had no where to turn too except one person who I knew would and could help me with love, guideness, understanding, and support - that person of course is Rev. Kimberly Bateau.

I contacted Kimberly Bateau and she was more than gracious to listen quietly as I explained my situation and in hopes she could help me find an answer or lead me in the right direction.

When Kimberly Bateau contacted me after she had the shamanic journey, to my surprise it was more than I ever dreamed up as what answers and my spirit guides that came in for it..I will share that the Great Golden Eagle was the main one who spoke with Kimberly and her animal guide most of the time and that the Golden Eagle was back with me once again for helping me with his strength, wisdom, and guidance on my path.

Rev, Kimberly Bateau did a outstanding job while she and her spirit animals assisted her on this journey..One must remember..we don't know what message or messages awaits us..but remember to be open and receive whatever the Universe sends our way.

I would like to add it is very important you have an experienced shamanic practitioner such as Rev. Kimberly Bateau who knows what to do and how to work with whatever she comes in contact with..for your highest good and best interest at heart..that is why and only why I would call upon Kimbery again whenever I am faced with any difficult or painful situations..she is a loving, calm, caring, and supportive practioner who has your best interest at heart - I promise, you won't be disappointed - so whatever issue or situations you are facing - please don't do this alone - please let Rev. Kimberly Bateau work with and for you to find your special talents!

Kimberly, I am so grateful I found you and thank you ever so much again for all you have blessed me with!

Love and Graditude,

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