Blacksburg Acupuncture is a private practice in Blacksburg, Va. We offer Biomedical Acupuncture treatments for a range of physical and internal conditions, including chronic pain, stress, and hormone imbalances.

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  Person John Thacker L.Ac.
  City Blacksburg, VA
  Zip Code 24060
  Address 508 South Main St. Ste B
  Phone Number (540) 315-9763

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John Thacker L.Ac.

I am certified to practice acupuncture by the Virginia Board of Medicine. I earned a Bachelors of Science from Radford University. Following this I attended Virginia Tech where I completed my Pre-Medicine studies.

After spending 6 months studying western medicine and chiropractic theory at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, I entered the Masters Program for acupuncture at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Hallandale, Florida. Upon completing my Masters degree, I was awarded the highest honors of the program by my instructors and fellow student practitioners as the Most Valuable Practitioner. I received specialty training in pain management techniques from the Biomedical Acupuncture Institute in Boulder Colorado. It was here that I learned the modern perspectives on acupuncture that are founded on evidence-based research.

Today I am very happy to be in private practice here in Blacksburg. I am committed to addressing any of your health care concerns and evaluating the potential benefit of adding acupuncture to your treatment program. If you have any questions about the efficacy of acupuncture please feel free to contact me.

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Biomedical Acupuncture is the application of acupuncture using the principles of modern biological and medical science. This means that we can physically measure and predict what acupuncture is actually doing in the body from a biological perspective through scientific research with tools such as the fMRI and blood analysis.

Biomedical Acupuncture is physical sports and internal medicine that is focused on treating the physical body. Its focus is directed to naturally stimulate the body’s bio-chemicals to provide a healing response in the soft tissue and viscera.

Customer Testimonials

Having been to another Acupuncturist before, I came into see John Thacker with preconceived ideas and skepticism that Acupuncture just gives you a “high sensation” rather than affecting the body in a positive way. Boy was I wrong! When I made my first appointment with John, my partner and I had become frustrated with the results of infertility and were stressed after months of trying to conceive another child. After only a few appointments, I was ecstatic to find out that Acupuncture worked beautifully and I quickly became pregnant! During my first trimester, I had experienced severe morning sickness – something I never felt with my first pregnancy. Immediately after seeing John, I felt relief. John has a very kind soul, is very personable and takes the time at each appointment to get to know his patients and their needs. His sense of humor and smile really helps ease the nerves of a new patient. Working in a holistic practice, I recommend John Thacker to all of my clients. I honestly believe he has a wonderful practice that is a true benefit to our community.

My neurologist recommended acupuncture as part of an aggressive treatment plan for my serious case of Bell’s Palsy. John was able to begin treatment right away. Within weeks the paralysis was substantially reduced. By the end of treatment my family, friends, and physical therapist were very surprised at my rapid rate of recovery. I could blink, wink, drink, and smile like any other 62 year old. Maybe better. John is an engaging and empathic practitioner, and acupuncture was a painless, relaxing and effective treatment. Thank you!

Acupuncture has given me more energy, a more relaxed body (helpful for high blood pressure and general stresses) and improvement in overall aches and pains as well as improvement in balance. One cannot go wrong with acupuncture, either as the main treatment or as an addition to other treatments for many of life’s problems that rob us of the health we were meant to have. If thinking of trying acupuncture, I would highly recommend John. He is extremely capable and compassionate, and thorough in explaining your options and how they can help. It is not a last resort; it is a great line of first defense!

I cannot say enough good things about John and his acupuncture skills. I started getting acupuncture from him shortly after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As an osteopathic medical student, I’m learning that the body is a whole, that every single part is intricately connected. I can appreciate acupuncture’s effectiveness as it works along those same principles. It has also been great at treating targeted problems like migraine headaches and muscle tension. At every appointment, he not only treats whatever specific complaint I have, but he also uses homeostatic acupuncture points to treat the whole body, calming the “stress mechanisms” and helping the body rebalance itself. I always feel welcomed and relaxed at each appointment as John takes a few minutes to chat before beginning the treatment. He never rushes through the treatment, and by getting to know his patients, he has a knack for knowing each ones tolerance to different treatment regimens. He is also very skillful at quickly and comfortably inserting each needle so there’s no pain or discomfort. I leave each appointment feeling so much better overall!

Acupuncture has been an enormous blessing to myself and my husband. I received a series of treatments before we conceived our daughter, who is now 16 months old, and before we conceived this second baby. We believe in it’s effectiveness and feel that we were able to conceive much faster because I received treatments. John Thacker is extremely professional, but also approaches treatment with a personal touch. It was truly a wonderful experience and I will definitely be returning for treatments to manage any sickness or pain during this pregnancy, and when we are ready to start trying for our next child!

I’ve benefited from acupuncture at various periods of time in my life, and believe it is beneficial for maintaining health and/or help with specific health problems. When I first saw John Thacker, I was a few months out from having surgery for breast cancer. Within two weeks of seeing John, I had an amazing level of healing at the wound site, and much greater blood circulation! That was over three years ago, and my surgeon still comments on how well the tissue healed! In addition, acupuncture has helped me with multiple issues, including vertigo, and improvement from muscular-skeletal and soft tissue injury. I’ve always found that acupuncture is not painful, and brings a very relaxed and calm state. I can definitely recommend John with total confidence. He is a very knowledgeable practitioner and caring person. He listens well and discerns how to best treat each individual. I think anyone would find that acupuncture has great benefits from this exceptional acupuncturist.

Man oh man John. I knew it had been a little while since my last treatment-- but my muscles have told me all evening -- you waited too long, you waited too long! Thanks for helping me heal!!

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We've moved! Come visit us in our beautiful new office located at 508 South Main Street, Suite B. in Blacksburg! We are now offering longer treatment times, expanded hours as well as new treatment options.
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