The Blessing Acupuncture Clinic in Monterey, California combines the finest of modern Western science with traditional Chinese medical techniques. Our emphasis is always on helping our patients achieve their finest possible health. Using a mixture of acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle changes, we can often not only aid with persistent conditions, but improve a patient's general well being and happiness.

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  City Lafayette, CA
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  Phone Number (925) 389-0216

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From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fertility is viewed as an extension of a well functioning organism. Inability to conceive is a sign that one or several body systems are not performing optimally, resulting in infertility. When imbalances are corrected with acupuncture and herbal treatment, health and fertility naturally improves. At Blessing Acupuncture, we focus on gently re-establishing body functions in order to facilitate conception, a healthy pregnancy, and successful delivery.