We'll show you the natural way to better health without resulting to the use of medications such as Zoloft, Lyrica, Chantex, and Alli. We are convinced that after one visit you'll see why chiropractic is the effective and safe alternative to back surgery. They are trained in x-ray techniques and in order to make an accurate diagnosis may ask x-rays of your back and neck.

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  City Rapid City, SD
  Zip Code 57702
  Address 2326 Cyn Lk Drv Suite 7
  Phone Number (605) 343-1113

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Get out and enjoy the warm weather this weekend!
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We are closed tomorrow! Sorry for the short notice, both doctors will be in Pierre! (No they aren't fishing!) Call Jill if you need to get in! 343-1113!
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As 2015 comes to a close, we want to thank all of our patients for choosing this office to get adjusted. We enjoy working with all of you, as well as other health care providers on your team. Although the chiropractic adjustment hasn't really changed
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As you might have guessed, with Christmas rapidly approaching, Dr. Nelson is working this week until Wednesday at noon. Dr. Blickensderfer is working all day today, all day Wednesday, and Thursday until noon. We will be closed Friday AND Saturday. Call
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We hope everyone has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! If something comes up, we are open during our normal hours this Friday and Saturday!
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Chiropractic works great for things other than just back pain! Great job Dr. Jeff May!
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We are sad to announce this is Kayla's last week! Best of luck in Tennessee Kayla! If anyone knows of a massage therapist that is looking to join us, please send them our way!
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120 years ago today, the first chiropractic adjustment was documented - and it wasn't for headaches or low back pain!
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From Our Website

You have been told you have it, so you are reading this section of my website. If you have a scoliosis you must see a chiropractor or better yet, see me or talk to me as soon as possible. Over 60% of the population is born with a leg shorter that the other. It only makes sense that if a leg is short like 3/4 of an inch, the spine will develop a curve called a scoliosis. I am not making this up. Extensive research has been done on this subject and no one listens, even some chiropractors. It is too simple of a concept.

When I treat carpal tunnel i gently re position the wrist bones. The wrist will flatten out with use and cause pressure on the nerve through the flattening process. Gentle movements done by a trained chiropractor can un flatten the wrist. We then do a simple stabilization with tape. We then give you very simple re training and also may talk about life style changes like position of hands on key board.

If you are one of the parents of a colicky child, you are looking for answers. You may have a vision of a chiropractic adjustment on an infant, but your vision is incorrect. An adjustment to a child is so gentle you will wonder if anything was done at all. When the colic goes away, you will be elated. As a matter of fact, this is when I get the most tearful thank-yous from parents, which is very rewarding. The good news about my care and colic is that you should see a result in less than ten days.

Middle back pain can be very severe but yet can be the quickest turn around with treatment at our office. The thoracic spine (mid back) is a unique area of the spine. Not only does it have the normal spinal joints, it also has disks above and below, 2 facets above and below, and ribs that have half joints above and below on both sides. Even with complexity, the thoracic vertebrae are strong and don't move much. Like our skull, the thoracics protect the important stuff in our bodies.

You have back pain because you are reading this. This content is directly from me Dr. Blickensderfer and this is what I want you to know. Chiropractors are the best at treating back pain over all other health care professionals. I know this is a bold statement but I can make it. Chiropractic adjustments are the best because everybody is trying to copy what we do. So what sets us apart? The chiropractor is trained to identify the specific area of the spine that is causing the back pain. Is it coming from the facet joints? is it an intervertebral disc swelling?

No patients ever come in for treatment of heartburn. They find out that their heartburn goes away after treatment. The truth is about 3 times a month I hear from patients, "My heart burn is coming back, it's time". Specific adjustments to the mid-back can relieve heartburn and acid reflux. Sometimes it does not last, so I have some simple things I instruct you to do at home to help make it last.

Headaches are miserable. You know that if you're reading this. If you are nervous about seeing a chiropractor for your headaches, don't be. But I will tell you you are not alone. I really don't understand why someone could believe that a profession can exist if it hurts people. I have seen thousands of patients for conservative treatment of headaches. I have trained in both manual and assisted techniques that are gentle, and I even adjust patients who have had neck surgery. Treatment usually involves correcting a fixation in the upper cervical spine that causes pressure on the muscles and nerves.

Your knee has many pain generating structures. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone about your knee. I have great techniques for the knee or knees. Patients who have me work on knees love the results. Now I can't be all things to all people, but give us a try before you spend a lot of money. Physical therapists don't know how to do what I do. I do treat knees in conjunction with treatment of other areas.