Our Mission: To alleviate your pain and suffering To promote your health and help you to achieve balance in your life To help keep you at your best. As we can all sense, when our lives are balanced and harmonious we maintain a state of health, and when we are unbalanced for long enough: our resistance drops, or we push our selves too hard for too long, or we do something in excess too many times, we end up injuring ourselves. Or sometimes we have simply inherited a disease which shows up either early or later in our lives. And sometimes the effects of aging have become all too apparent.

Chinese Medicine includes numerous time tested methods many proven via continous use for over 1000 years, to help restore balance and harmony to your life. To assist us in enhancing your health and well being and to help you to recover from illness we may recommend Acupuncture, and in addition we may recommend Chinese Herbal Formulas to continue the balancing process after you leave our office. We may also recommend several other forms of therapy to extend your treatment between visits. Come see what this form of alternative medicine can do for you. It is natural, safe, holistic and effective.

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  Person Dr. Michael E. Carruth, MD, LAc
  City Yelm, WA
  Zip Code 98597
  Address 503 First St. S, Ste # 4
  Phone Number (360) 790-5625

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Dr. Michael E. Carruth, MD, LAc

Dipomate of Oriental Medicine (WA)

Educational Degrees: MD, MAcOM (Licensed only as an Acupuncturist in WA State)

I had been saying that I wanted to be a doctor since the age of four. In the end, it just took me a while to realize what type of doctor I meant. To me, being a doctor means being able to care for each patient in a meaningful way with the focus on prevention. I believe in the movement toward health, which means maintaining balance and harmony within the body.

I have chosen not to become licensed to practice medicine under the MD degree in the state of WA because I have refocused my efforts on Chinese medicine. I feel that is where I can best serve people, but given my educational background, knowledge, and prior experience as an MD, I often serve as a bridge for those who trust in conventional Western Medicine but also have a genuine interest in Chinese Medicine. So let the purity of blue waters flow thru you and come experience the difference here at Blue Waters Acupuncture Center.

Customer Testimonials

Trauma (skull fracture) (after injury during a seizure) left me with back pain and sciatic pain and vertigo. I had difficulty walking unaided. I had not finished my first treatment and my back pain was gone. My sciatic pain and dizziness have diminished. I highly recommend it.

I've had a flair up of scoliosis for 5 to 6 mos. but did not seek treatment until 3 mos. ago. I would definitely recommend Chinese Medicine over conventional Western Medicine. If you enjoy taking pills Western medicine is for you not me

Patient called back after her treatment later the same day to say that, " I have not gone without back pain this long in years! "When I came in my back pain was 9/10 - 10/10, now it is 0/10 - 1/10. Thank you! Thank you!"

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