I am Carrie Skluzak, studied in Technical Journalism (BA) and Adult Education (MS), wife and mother of two. I trust in a natural approach to health and well-being whenever possible, and that a multi-faceted method to wellness is essential. Until I found a rock-solid multi-vitamin I struggled with petite mal seizures. Now I'm happy to say I've been seizure-free since 2000! Mood swings improved and a general feeling of well-being prompted the start of a Reliv nutritional supplement distributorship. Since then, I've been on a quest for personal and professional health and well-being.

In May, 2002, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. We put her on medication and saw a vast improvement in focus, but a return to her scattered existence when the meds wore off. Homework was always a battle, friendships were strained - it seemed like we were living from crisis to crisis. In middle school, grades really started to suffer, especially in math.

By early 2008 we had found Brain Integration Technique (BIInstantlyntly, we saw a vast improvement in mental processing and social interaction. Six months after integration my daughter reported that her math teacher called her to the front of the room to tell her she had the highest test score in both algebra classes! I decided then that I had to provide this hope to others who suffer from learning and mental processing difficulties.

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