Whether you are suffering from headaches or shoulder, neck and back pain, you've come to the best place. Dr. Bryant has been delivering treatment to his patients since 1998. Chiropractic is effective at treating back pain. Learn about whiplash, brain injury, workplace pain, and how chiropractic can assist! Chiropractic can assist you get back on the road to health after an auto injury.

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Dr. Bryant was born and raised in Cabot, Arkansas and graduated from Cabot High School in 1982. He then studied at both the University of Central Arkansas and Arkansas State University before graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic University with honors in 1988. He has been married to Pam for over 30 years and they are blessed with 2 children Chad & Haylea, and one grandchild, Rhett. Another blessing is to now have Chad as an associate in his office. It is true that having your child follow in your footsteps is one of the greatest forms of flattery.

Chiropractic is an integral part of the care that many professional athletes receive. Many Olympic athletes also take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic. Just because you aren't going to the Olympics doesn't mean that you too can't improve your health and performance with chiropractic care. When it comes to sports injuries, weakness or improper stretching can put you at risk of injury. In addition, an untreated injury may result in further or even permanent damage. It is vitally important to get proper care for any sports injuries, preventing the development of chronic problems.

Medical doctors often recommend surgery for work injuries like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. For many people though, taking time off work to recover from surgery isn't an option. What's more, many patients who do undergo surgery for back pain and carpal tunnel require revision surgery when their symptoms return a few years down the line. Chiropractic on the other hand, addresses the root of your pain to provide lasting relief. Studies show that chiropractic treatments are effective for a number of work injuries including back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, sciatica, neck pain, headache, migraine, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you've been in a car crash, you know how painful and disruptive these kinds of injuries can be. Millions of people are hurt in auto collisions each year, and some people suffer for decades with chronic pain.even after a "minor" collision. Dr. Tim or Dr. Chad, your Cabot, AR chiropractor, has helped countless people recover from injuries suffered during a crash, and helped prevent the development of long-term symptoms. We've studied the issue of auto injury or whiplash pain for years, and our website includes information about the most common symptoms experience after a crash, how injury occurs in an accident, and how chiropractic can help you get better.

Many people suffer from headaches and migraines. Watch our videos in the playlist below or browse our articles to learn more about ways to prevent and treat headaches and migraines.