In person sessions available at my Casper, Wyoming office; also specializing in distance sessions via phone or Skype.

Matrix Energetics is a transformational energy healing modality that synergistically combines clairvoyant perception with cutting edge quantum physics. In heart-centered sessions, I work within the Area of All Possibility (the quantum field of possibility) where, by following Inner Guidance and applying well-known principles of quantum physics, I help you release fears, energy blockages, and limiting patterns of thought and emotion that can manifest in your life as illness, pain, depression and struggle. As you move into resonance with the most authentic, healthy parts of yourself, you immediately start to experience your true, best potentials for a joyful, healthy and satisfying life.

Matrix Energetics transformational energy healing sessions can be helpful for:
- Disease, injury, illness, and chronic pain and conditions
- Struggle in finances, relationships, or career
- Destructive patterns such as overeating, overspending, etc.
- Troubled emotional conditions, including anxiety, anger, and depression
- Expanding creativity
- Opening up pathways for success in businesses and projects
- Maximizing the benefit of treatments or therapies your already receiving (or, minimizing negative side effects).

To learn more about how these sessions work, why they work, how a session might be of help to you, and what you can expect to experience, and to read what clients have to say about their own experiences with healing and transformation, please visit my website:

Have a blessed day!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Sessions in person or at a distance via phone or Skype. Conscious Co-Creation coaching and classes.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

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  • Wyoming, Nationwide, International

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  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks

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  Person Cathy Hazel Adams, LLC
  City Casper , WY
  Zip Code 82604
  Address 3211 Energy Lane, Suite 403
  Phone Number (307) 797-9677

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Cathy Hazel Adams, LLC

Sole proprietor

Cathy is originally from Baltimore, MD, but has lived in the west for nearly 25 years, settling first in Boulder, Colorado, and then moving to the small mountain town of Westcliffe, Colorado, before moving with her husband and three horses to Casper, Wyoming. She has been a life-long mystic and student of conscious co-creation and a life-long student of Seth (Jane Roberts). She earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in vocal performance at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and then spent years as a self-employed business woman in sales and marketing before turning her attention to her full time career as a transformational practitioner and conscious co-creation coach and teacher. You can read more about Cathy's life, background and work on her website.

Products & Services

Transformational Sessions

The atmosphere in our sessions is compassionate, fun, relaxed, sacred, and down-to-earth. Sessions are completely confidential and last about an hour, but any individual session could be a little longer or shorter. If you can, allow yourself some time after-ward in which to absorb and process your changes.

How to Prepare and What to Expect

The only preparation you need for a session is to arrive on time wearing comfortable street clothes, with a willingness to feel better!

During your session you may sit, stand, or (if you're at home) lie down, whichever feels most comfortable. I usually stand so I can move around and freely interact with your changes as they come up. We'll be restructuring your energetic patterns at the source consciousness level, so sessions do not involve physical manipulation of any kind, and I do not need to run energy through my body to yours. I may ask permission to lightly touch you now and then, as a light touch sometimes helps me feel more connected to your changes.

Our sessions are heart-centered and are guided by your higher self, with the intention that you will move into the best, most healthy, freeing and authentic pattern possible, so you never have to worry that you'll take on changes that you don't want or aren't ready for. The changes are always yours and are always to your good. My job is to help you move into them.

Within the extremely flexible structure of Matrix Energetics®, I claivoyantly perceive the information that will be most helpful for you, in the most effective way possible, so I'm not limited to the dictates of any one healing modality. Your session might call for chakra balancing and correction; or integration of neglected or suppressed aspects
of yourself ("soul retrieval") . I'll often identify limiting, destructive ideas you've been carrying, and help you replace them with more helpful, constructive truths from which to live. I might move around in time to help you reconfigure past or future events. A session could involve DNA repair, Universal Healing Frequencies and much more - there is no limit to the creative ways your best changes can appear!

Customer Testimonials

My daughter was dyslexic, but the school system does not recognize that as a disability, so they don't offer any assistance to any student that is dyslexic. I took my daughter to Cathy and had AMAZING results!!! Last week she told me that the teachers were surprised at her test scores because they were significantly higher than they had ever been before; my daughter told ne that was because she can read the right way now!

I just wanted to say I thank God for you! Loving thoughts.

Regarding my son his anxiety . . . is a lot less. He has been happier is his everyday life . . . he is the child he always wanted to be.

I just wanted to share with you that all day I have had a lot of healing emotional release and a feeling of peace and freedom that I have needed for a long time but not felt. I felt I finally knew how to slow down and be present all day and my heart is indeed very open and melting. I think what you do is very powerful and unique and needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

In the last two days I've had people come out of the woodwork wanting me to join their businesses and work for, or with, them: I mean like 5 in a day!!! Now when I think of something that I used to think impossible, my gut says, It is possible!

After three sessions with you, my coughing has been reduced approximately 75% and my arms no longer ache. My backache has been reduced to a mere twinge, plus my tremors have disappeared.

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I love this most excellent post. When we love, honor and respect ourselves - first - our love and respect flows out to others.
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Cathy Hazel Adams: It is never useful to be angry with others for what they do, except that our anger is a direct indicator of a dynamic that we're still involved in, and need to acknowledge and release.
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I like it when someone else says it . . .
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I love this simply stated truth - just had to share it with you,
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Conscious Co-Creation/Self-Transformation& Healing Seminar scheduled Feb 20 & 21:
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