My name is Patricia Gilmartin DA. I am a doctor of acupuncture and the owner of the Center of Balance. This website is meant to be both an educational tool and an introduction to my clinic. The Center of Balance is a holistic healing practice where we provide: acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage and holistic counseling.

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  City East Greenwich , RI
  Zip Code 02818
  Address 234 Main St
  Phone Number (461) 886-7636

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Just another example of the power of acupuncture and the role it can play in fertility treatments. Acupuncture can help with men that are having reproductive issues as well. If you or someone you know is having difficulty conceiving, let me help you with
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Hysterical Women, Only It's Not Funny!!!! Mary, 49 ..."When my cycle finally came and I felt the 'switch go off' I was able to realize that I had been feeling this internal tormented for the last 8 days. I felt it when the 'switched went on' and I knew
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Acupunctures increases IVF success rate!!! IVF is successful 26.3% of the time, incorporating acupuncture into the treatment protocol increased that success rate up to 42.5% !!!!!! ref. study done by Dr. W. Paulus published in--Fertility and Sterility
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This months fertility success story. My 37 year old patients had a miscariage in April. Since then her periods were irregular and she was not ovulating. After three treatments her cycle regulated and she is happily Pregnant.
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Fat and the Cholesterol Myth Claim Premise: A diet low in saturated fats and an increase in whole grains will help lower your cholesterol and thus help prevent heart disease. The author would like to disputes this premise based on the following facts:
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Even if you don't have excess belly fat or diabetes, if you have joint/;back pain, leg cramps, eye problems, fertility or erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer's runs in your family or cholesterol issues not to mention a number of other inflammatory problems
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