We are a team of chiropractors who have provided extensive chiropractic treatment to thousands of patients. The team of Chiropractors in Dallas treat many types of conditions and injuries to relieve your pain and return you to better health and wellness. Our state of the art chiropractic center is staffed with health and medical professionals offering a myriad of treatment services and is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm and Saturday, 9:00am - 6:00pm. Call: (972)792-0204 Visit: http://chiropractorsindallas.com/

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  Person Dr Lohr, DC
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Dr Lohr, DC


Since 2002, Dr Lohr, DC has helped thousands of patients improve their mobility and posture, overall health and wellness and quality of life through chiropractic treatment, as well as nutrition, personal training and physiotherapy!

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Chiropractic Care

If you want to stop your pain, heal your injury and obtain better health and wellness without the use of drugs or invasive surgery, then visit our chiropractic center Monday through Saturday for top-notch chiropractic therapy!

Customer Testimonials

I have been working with Dr Lohr since June 2011. I can attest to his holistic approach. I arrived weighing 425 pounds, walking on a cane, bent over from a back spasm, with a very depressing outlook on life as my body seemed to be failing me. What I learned from Dr. Lohr is that my body was doing awesome trying to combat what was happening to it.. I was unaware of all the stresses that processed foods, GMOS, hi fructose corn syrup, poor nutrition, and sitting at a desk were doing to me and how hard my body was working to keep me alive as I unknowing poisoned it. I get regular adjustments every week now. I get them to help my body overcome my desk work. ( I pay for this out of my own pocket not with insurance - if it did not work I would not do it). At my appointments I also mentor with Dr Lohr on making healthy lifestyle changes. I have lost over 100 pounds. No longer need a cane and my friends have all commented my positive outlook and how healthy I look and act. ...You can learn how to be feel better and younger and healthier on your own terms --- Dr Lohr does not hand you a sheet and say DO THIS. He works with you step by step to find the path that best fits your needs. I cannot recommend him enough.

I am 37 years old and occasionally suffer from a car accident where I was broad-sided (t-boned) when I was 19 years old. It keeps me from doing heavy exercises without pain or stiffening - it's definitely manageable, but annoying at times. I went in and met with Dr Lohr and his staff; I really liked the team at Posture Perfect - all very nice folks that made me feel at home! They took me through the entire clinic explaining what will be done to hhelp lessen the pain and I was adjusted by Dr Long. Seeing X-Rays of my spine and neck was kind of cool, but also helped me understand where some of my issues are. I'll definitely do a follow-up visit and am looking forward to learning more about proper nutrition / diet from Dr. Lohr. If you have issues and recurrent pain from a car accident, then I recommend seeing these guys! You'll be glad you did!

Dr Yaron seems interested to both heal and educate me. It’s great to know that my dr takes interest in my condition and challenges himself to improve my health. So far his insights are right on and besides the immediate relief I also see a clear long term improvement!

Dr. Yaron has been helping me for over 7 years now. His understanding of human body, mind and soul is insightful. Instead of just eradicating the pain temporarily, he finds the root of the pain and helps remove it. I highly recommend Dr. Lohr and his professional staff to everyone.

Without Dr. Lohr I would be in very bad shape. I have a multitude of knee and back injuries. I could never find a solution of relief until I came to him. Not only does my back never bother me anymore I can now walk unassisted without my knee giving out. I cant thank fhis man enough. I highly recommend him above anyone else.

I have complete trust in Dr. Lohr. He relocated my shoulder and trained me with physical therapy for several months. It was a painful process but it worked and that problematic shoulder hasn't bothered me in years. He's friendly and very professional as is his office staff.

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