Dr. Chiusano is located in Arlington, TX and he provides Chiropractic treatment with therapeutic massage. Three things are important to Dr. Chiusano; to Reduce Pain, Regain Function and Encourage Health.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Chiropractic Treatment, Therapeutic Massage

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • American Chiropractic Neurology Board
  • Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Serviced Areas

  • Arlington, TX, Grand Prairie, TX, Mansfield, TX, Ft. Worth, TX, Dallas, TX

Payment Options

  • MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Most Insurance Accepted

Contact Details

  Person Miguel Chiusano
  City Arlington, TX
  Zip Code 76014
  Address 601 Omega Dr., Ste 202
  Phone Number (817) 419-7091
  Fax 817-419-7085

Business Representative

Miguel Chiusano


Dr. Chiusano is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Chiusano is one of the best Chiropractors I have seen in the 30 years I have received Chiropractic treatment. He knows how to adjust for proper alignment and that is the primary focus to relieving pain.

Dr. Chiusano is a friendly and caring Doctor and health advisor. He focuses upon getting your system into proper alignment, which leads to a reduction of pain and health improvement.

I have seen Dr. Chiusano for over 5 years and he has never caused me pain in a Chiropractic adjustment; but he has brought me alot of relief.

One unique thing about Dr. Chiusano, that I have never experienced with other Chiropractic Doctors is that he often incorporates therapeutic massage into the patient treatment plan. I have not seen this with any of the 10 or more Chiropractors I have visited.

Therapeutic massage combined with Chiropractic adjustment has given me immense relief from my back pain.