What is Clinical Hypnosis? Clinical Hypnosis is a proven, effective modality that has been accepted by the American Medical Association since 1958. It is completely different than the "stage hypnosis" comedy acts with which you may associate hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis is used by psychologists, counselors, and clinical hypnotists to help clients achieve a deeper level of relaxation than is normally possible. It is only in this very deep state of relaxation that the practitioner can speak to and influence the subconscious thoughts of the client.

The hypnotic state has been well documented through EEG brain wave testing by neurological scientists. Under hypnosis, a client is completely aware of what the hypnotist is saying and can usually recall what the hypnotist suggested after the session is over. Many people falsely believe that hypnosis has not occurred if the client retained conscious awareness. This is not so. Some clients do experience phenomena associated with hypnosis, such as amnesia, but most do not. A hypnotist cannot control the client's mind or make the client say or do anything against the client's will.

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Research On Effectiveness Of Hypnosis - It Works!

Research On Effectiveness Of Hypnosis - It Works!

The research literature on Hypnosis is extensive. The endorsements of Hypnosis for its healing effectiveness continue to mount. In a recent report, it was revealed that a panel of the National Institutes of Health has endorsed the wider use of Hypnosis for use in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Medical Applications:

Pain, Miscellaneous
Headache Pain
Cardiovascular Conditions, General
Hypertension & Stress
Respiratory Conditions
Strengthening The Immune System
Intestinal Conditions
Childbirth, etc.

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