Your health problems will be quickly alleviated by an experienced practitioner with over 20 years of health care experience. Visit our Edina clinic and enjoy healing acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional counseling. Licensed acupuncturist Steven Sonmore treats back pain, sciatica, migraines, arthritis, allergies, weight loss, depression, digestive problems, facial rejuvenation and much more.

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  • Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, pain management, weight loss, facial rejuvenation

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  Person Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.
  City Minneapolis, MN
  Zip Code 55439
  Address 7400 Metro Blvd Ste 280
  Phone Number (952) 831-8080

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Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

Steven Sonmore, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac., has over 20 years professional experience in the healing arts, and is a licensed acupuncturist, certified by the NCCAOM, an Oriental bodywork therapist, and herbalist. He offers acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary therapy. He has been featured in The New York Times, My 29 TV, Qi Journal and Mpls/St. Paul Magazine. He has an active practice in Edina, MN.

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Your health problems will be quickly alleviated by an experienced practitioner with over 20 years of health care experience. Visit our Edina clinic and enjoy healing acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional counseling. Licensed acupuncturist Steven Sonmore treats back pain, sciatica, migraines, arthritis, allergies, weight loss, depression, digestive problems, facial rejuvenation and much more.

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For a limited time we are offering Free Consultations for new patients. This is a 15 minute consultation to meet with our licensed acupuncturist to find out how acupuncture can help your health problem. But hurry! Offer expires April 30th. Call 952-831-8080 to schedule your acupuncture consultation.

Customer Testimonials

If traditional medicine does not work for you I highly recommend that you come to see Steve sonmore at the complete Oriental Medical Care Clinic here in Edina Minnesota.. I feel great!

I have been receiving treatments with Steven for the last 3-4 years for both for my hormones imbalance issues and overall stress management. The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed and his wife always cheerful and glad to help. For a Business Financial Analyst and Self-entrepreuneur like me who works crazy hours, stress is part of my daily work routine. It has become imperative for me to get my "fix" because each treatment section, even though geared towards my hormonal imbalance, significantly helps reduce my stress level. So if you are a stress junkie like me due to life or your line of work, by all means I will definately recommend a weekly maintenance package with Steven. Not only will you feel well rested no matter how long your day was, but also truly rejuvenated. And as we all know, once you get your stress under control everything else follows!

Steven Sonmore of Complete Oriental Medical Care is the cream-of-the-crop Acupuncture doc! (I call him The King) :-) I have had many throughout the years, but this man is the REAL DEAL! I had a muscle spasm in my back that would not let up, and I had it for over a year. After ONE appointment with Steven, IT WAS GONE! It never came back, either. He healed my pain, my anxiety, and my mind. I cannot say enough good things about him; truly! I think acupuncture should be made available to everyone. I will continue to recommend Steven; he is a gift! Thank you, Steven Sonmore!!

I've been seeing Steven at Complete Oriental Medicine for about 2 months now for chronic migraine headaches, chronic neck tension and dysmenorrhea. The acupuncture treatments, herbs and nutritional supplements have completely eradicated my pain. For the last 15 years, I have had over 15 migraines a month. I had tried everything to improve them, including seeing a neurologist (and taking many prescription medications), biofeedback, physical therapy, elimination diets, and so on. I've even tried acupuncture and herbs at another location, which didn't help at all. Not only is my pain gone, but I have increased energy and clarity. I highly recommend Complete Oriental Medicine.

I have benefited greatly from the acupuncture I am receiving at Complete Oriental Medicine. I went Steven Sonmore after having my gallbladder removed. I had experienced symptoms of nausea, abdominal distress, increased anxiety, palpitations, panic attacks, increased depression and terrible insomnia. In just one month my anxiety and depression decreased significantly and my palpitations went away. My ability to sleep also improved drastically. I had been experiencing abdominal distress and nausea for years, before I found out my gallbladder was under-functioning. After continued digestive problems after surgery, I thought I would just have to live with these problems. Since seeing Steven, I can eat almost anything I want without having problems. I feel like a functioning human again. I am so thankful for acupuncture and a great practitioner who really worked to understand my condition and treat it effectively.

I've had low back pain on and off for many years and have tried Physical Therapy, anti-inflamatories, pain pills, you name it, but the pain always came back. About 3 to 4 weeks ago I decided to try acupuncture so I searched the web for an acupuncturist. I visited many sites and discovered that Steven was rated in the Top 20 of the state's 500+ acupuncturists. I went to his web site and filled out the form to get an appointment on a Sunday hoping I could get a call back on Monday. Imagine my surprise when I received a call Sunday night and was able to see Steven the very next day. Since then I've had 13 treatments for my back pain and it's virtually gone. The procedures are really quite restful. Steven puts on some relaxing music, inserts the tiny acupuncture needles, dims the lights and lets you relax. I can't tell you how rejuvenating this is. Every time I leave the office I feel slightly better than the time before.If you're looking to try an alternative therapy for pain or any other problem, I urge you to give Complete Oriental Medical Care a look and see if they can help you like they did me. Thanks Steven!!

I found Steven on the internet looking for Chinese Acupuncture. I was very ill with C-Diff and what a blessing he has been in helping me get better. I noticed a difference after the first treatment. He listens to you and knows how and where to treat you. The herbs he has recommended have helped so much. Steven and his wonderful staff make you feel so welcome. To be back on the road to being healthy is due to a big thank you to Steven and his expertise knowledge in helping people get healthy.

This has been an amazing experience for me. Steven began treating me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for migraines about two months ago, and within two weeks I began to see results (some experience relief for their issues immediately; with others it takes longer). For years I averaged about 5-6 migraines a month, very consistently. Since undergoing Steven's care, my migraines have dramatically dropped in frequency and are gradually tapering off. My goal is to eliminate them completely--something I didn't think was possible. Now, with Steven's help, I'm confident I can get there. I highly recommend Steven!

This stuff is crazy effective! The best pain relief I have ever found. Real, genuine healing with no side effects and no pain killers, no masking the pain temporarily. It has so many benefits; body and mind. I just wish I knew about it years ago. Healing the body natuarually by a Ancient Chinese practice that's thousands of years old. I have to admit I was kind of skeptical before trying acccupuncture but the results speak for itself. I had an enormous amount of relief after my first session. I am a very active guy and do martial arts so I always have pain somewhere, I just tell Steven the accupuncturist where the pain is and he is able to target it every time. Don't let fear stop you from achieving better health.

Excellent experience! I highly suggest working with Steven. I came to him seeking to understand the source of my neck pain and the possibility of losing weight with acupuncture as well.

In less than 4 weeks I had already lost 15 lbs. simply from adding the herbs suggested and a brisk walk everyday in addition to the acupuncture 2-3 times a week. I can FEEL my body shifting, the energy moving every session + afterward and it releasing a lot of the blocks of energy flow I had been feeling in my body.

I also would feel instant pressure relief with my neck from taking it from a pain of 9 down to a 2, on one of the most intense pains days. Thank you so much for all your do Steven and your exceptional work and dedication to assisting your clients!

I am more than pleased with Steven at Oriental. I had been having really bad skin problems such as acne for a long time. I kept going to the doctor and a dermatologist which never seemed to correct my problem. Since I have been coming to Oriental, my skin has cleared up tremendously. I couldn't be more pleased. I am very happy and pleased with my results and am very pleased with their professionalism and also understanding. They actually care there. I would definitely recommend anyone to see Steven.


Acupuncture Clinic in Edina MN Acupuncture Edina, MN 55439. Acupuncture clinic Complete Oriental Medical Care. Tour our clinic and learn what health problems we treat. Licensed acupuncturist Steven Sonmore provides treatments for Edina, Minneapolis and greater Twin Cities with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Faster and long lasting Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture Treatments in Minneapolis MN

Acupuncture review on lower back pain treatment at Minneapolis clinic Complete Oriental Medical Care. Licensed acupuncturist Steven Sonmore treats back pain with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. "I've been coming here to clinic since last June and I came with back pain and hip pain. The hip pain had lasted umm, it had been with me for about 5 years. And it was intense. When I first came to Steven, I realized that I had come to the right place because after the first few needles were inserted I was already relieved. I went home and I would come back in about 3 days and this continued to moderate my pain level so that I could stand it. After that, I came back and I decided that he could continue my good health. So today, I just experienced another treatment. We are using less needles and I'm really happy with my progress. I tried another kind while I was in Arkansas and that was the traditional method of acupuncture. I found that the results were not as quick and they were also not as forgiving, so to speak. I was that when I got back that I could...there was a very big difference. I would any day tell my best friend and my neighbor to come to Steven and try it out because it really works and it worked for me."

Acupuncture Reviews in Minneapolis | Complete Oriental Medical Care

Hi my name is Lisa and I'm here to talk today about Dr. Steven Sonmore at Complete Oriental Medical Care. I am recovered from cancer and radiation and I had chemotherapy. What I did id, Dr. Sonmore was outside of my network so, I went to medical profession that were within my network. But, what I found was that the quality of care through the other acupuncturists that I went to, didn't even measure up to the quality of care that I received from Dr. Sonmore. I had surgery and I'm in remission. What I found through working with medical models, medical professionals and other acupuncturists is that I didn't receive the repairing and the healing and the restoration that I needed through outher acupuncturists' care. I came back to Steven because I knew that the quality of care that I would receive from his acupuncture would be exactly what I needed to have in order to recover from chemotherapy and from radiation. The quality of care here is absolutely incredible. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I didn't have the care that he has given to me that I wouldn't have recovered as quickly from my fatigue, from the stress that I went through with my kidney, and my liver due to chemotherapy and radiation. My fatigue is almost gone and my body feels much more healthy and whole. I want you to consider acupuncture because it brings healing that you would never think would be possible. So I just wanted an opportunity to say: Look him up. Come see him. Tell him what you need. Tell him about the services you need for your body, and for your particular life. I 100 percent guarantee incredible care with Dr. Sonmore. Thank you.

Acupuncture Services in Minneapolis | Complete Oriental Medical Care

Complete Oriental Medical Care offers Acupuncture services in Minneapolis for pain, depression and other health problems. Licensed acupuncturist, Steven Sonmore, explains acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Visit for more information.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Minneapolis MN | Complete Oriental Medical Care

Complete Oriental Medical Care is an acupuncture clinic offering Facial Rejuvenation through acupuncture services. Steven Sonmore gets interviewed by local TV station in Minneapolis, MN. Find out more here

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking in Minneapolis, MN | Complete Oriental Medical Care

Complete Oriental Medical Care offers acupuncture treatment and solutions for Quitting smoking at their Minneapolis Acupuncture clinic. Detoxify your body of nicotine, reduce your cravings for tobacco, and helps you to relax.Learn more at

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