Dr Romy Simone uses cosmetic acupuncture to minimize wrinkles and slow down the effects of aging. She sees her Los Angeles patients at her Santa Monica clinic.

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  Person Dr Romy Simone
  City Santa Monica, CA
  Zip Code 90401
  Address 829 Broadway
  Phone Number (310) 428-4470

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Dr Romy Simone


Customer Testimonials

Romy's results are truly significant. Within a week of her facial acupuncture sessions, people spontaneously started telling me how great my skin looked, how well I looked...and I felt more vitality and less stressed out, too. She was also amazing after I had serious injuries from a fall: her treatments enabled me to handle pain without taking strong prescription medications that would have prevented my driving or working.

I cannot truly describe how completely amazing this method of acupuncture is. I wanted an alternative to Botox... something natural. I absolutely wanted to get rid of my fine lines but wasn't incredibly interested in injecting myself with poisons. I wasn't 100% sold that acupuncture could work in this form, but it really does!!! After one treatment I could already notice a difference! The experience with Romy is more than just getting rid of your wrinkles. It's a transformation in a way. Something about her helps more than just your outward appearance. She has the ability to help you heal your intrinsic you. That is what makes her unique and stand out from all the rest. Beyond that, my fine lines have dramatically faded away. I am tremendously pleased with the results.

Romy is a true healer whose work is exceptional. Few complimentary practitioners combine their training and expertise with such a high level of intuitive knowledge. I felt complete confidence in her ability from the moment we met and she was able to greatly accelerate my post surgery wound healing. In addition Romy's nutritional and homeopathic recommendations were very helpful and individualized to my specific issues. Any treatment or healing process naturally benefits from a relational component and it would be impossible not to feel cared for by Romy, whose integrity in service to her clients well being is unquestionable.

Dr. Romy Simone is the best! I initially sought her out because I thought my skin was looking tired and dull, and traditional facials were not giving me the results I was wanting. I like the idea of cosmetic acupuncture because it doesn’t involve injecting chemicals into my face but has the potential of similar results. At first meeting with Romy, I immediately felt comfortable.

The thought of having needles stuck in your face can be a little disturbing, but Romy is very gentle. By the second treatment, my face/skin loved the needles and practically sucked them in. Romy not only works on your skin with needles, she works with you. Romy’s philosophy is that overall well-being will be reflected in the skin. Beauty is not just skin deep. Take care of your soul and you will see it in your face. I trust Romy so much that I am able to discuss anything with her. She’s helped me work through personal issues that I didn’t think I’d be able to tackle. My appointments with Romy have become a haven where I feel safe and can take the time to be introspective.

I always leave feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and strong and you can see it in my skin. Immediately after treatment with Romy, I look rested, smooth and glowing. If I go out, even if just to the hardware store, after a treatment with Romy, someone always comments on my skin, my glow. I’m really pleased with the physical results, my skin is tighter and smoother. But for me, the most surprising and valuable result is the impact Romy has had on my emotional well-being. Thank you Romy!

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