From my 1st class, I was touched by its power to soothe a stressed mind and revitalize my body. I have studied a range of styles and approaches to yoga throughout the years and have taught yoga continuously since 1985. My 1st teaching certificate was gained in 1988 through the Kripalu Center in Lenox Massachusetts.

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Svaroopa = true self that dwells within/the timeless essence that is the foundation of your own being. This sutra tells us that yoga is a process through which we can discover the experience of a quiet mind. This is the definition of yoga. All practices, including asana (yoga poses) are for the purpose of achieving this state. The essence of this teaching is that the experience of quiet mind ushers in an expanded sense of Self that is blissful in nature. There are many stages and degrees of this experience.

Please do not wear scents or perfume when you come to the studio. Learn the basics and start your practice with an understanding of the principles of alignment, support and sequencing of the poses. Continue to build on the basics to include the first 6 themes through standing poses and then more. After practicing at least a year and experiencing the full range of a basic practice (the 12 themes), deepen your practice through this class designed to lead you to the next step inside. Required: minimum one year of Svaroopa yoga classes and a regular personal practice.