Meeting through a mutual patient in 2009, Alicia and Michelle immediately joined forces with the mission to explore the synergistic benefits of multiple services, therapeutic modalities, and holistic philosophies. Having both worked within Wicker Park and the Ukrainian Village, respectively, the women's collaborative vision became a reality in 2009, when a two-room clinic at 1630 W. Division was transformed into a warm and welcoming wellness center thanks to an upstairs addition of five state-of-the-art treatment rooms. They sought out like-minded practitioners with the same passionate commitment to natural healing and integrated healthcare.

The result is a neighborhood clinic as unique and special as its Wicker Park locale! Exuding a heartfelt Midwestern friendliness, the women's genuine dedication to their patients overall wellbeing sets the standard for their small staff of kind and seasoned practitioners. They adhere to their own principles of vibrantly healthy living by receiving regular acupuncture sessions, chiropractic adjustments, and massage treatments, and give back to the Wicker Park neighborhood through event-based fundraising and charity initiatives.

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  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage

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  • Chicago

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  City Chicago , IL
  Zip Code 60622
  Address 1630 West Division St.
  Phone Number (773) 276-2801

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In a healthy body, blood and Qi, flow freely like a river through the body's landscape via meridians. The meridian system is like a highly complex electrical circuit. Acupuncture points lying along the meridians are epicenters where the body's Qi (electricity) gathers. Metal needles inserted into these points act as conductors to move, tonify and drain Qi, returning the body to a state of health. Accessory modalities include cupping, gua sha, electro-stimulation, moxabustion, and herbal medicine.



A chiropractic spinal adjustment the application of a precise force to a specific part of the spinal segment corrects the misalignment, permitting normal nerve transmission and assisting your body to recuperate on its own. It also helps to relieve pain, stabilize and mobilize joints, balance the muscular system and promote optimal body function.



Therapeutic massage differs from a spa massage in that it is more clinical and intended to address the deeper muscles of the body and underlying imbalances. Our therapists have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. They act as pain detectives working various muscles groups with a variety of modalities until the root cause of dysfunction is addressed.

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I have received massages, Acupucture and chiropractic services here and all are wonderful! We send all of our doula clients to this office and they love it too! Amazing! We love Michelle Young and her team!

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Customer Testimonials

Warm and friendly staff that made me feel great when first arriving up until leaving. I went for a 60 minute sports massage and I'm thankful for the wonderful job Ada did! I'll definitely be back soon!

Great people serving you here. Jenni gave a great message.

My neighborhood massage and chiropractor! The staff is warm and friendly and the massages really help me as I'm at a computer all day.

I've been going to Divison Chiropractic and Acupuncture for quite a few years now and my chronic back pain that was ailing me for years has gone away. I moved away from the area, but I'm able to go in once a month, which helps me maintain good back health. Michelle Young has helped me a great deal with acupuncture and she is my go-to person for any questions about my general health. Alicia Cohler and Paula Halfman really got my back to a great place with chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage. I highly recommend Division Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The practitioners there really care about your health and I always leave there feeling amazing.

I've gone to Division Chiropractic for an assessment, acupuncture and massage. I feel very taken care of and listened to with each practitioner I see. I always leave the building feeling incredible, and in a great mood. Would highly recommend this establishment. And it's a women-run business! A huge plus!

I'm new to acupuncture but it was something I've always wanted to start up and make a regular part of my wellness program. A shoulder injury set me over the edge and got me to finally make an appointment. I met with Michelle and knew almost instantly that I was hooked.

Michelle, the space, and her practice are top-notch. Not only does my shoulder feel 100x better but I look forward to my weekly appointments to recharge, relax, and reconnect with my body.

I wish I could give Michelle and the team at Division 10 stars--they're truly the best.

I had a bike accident a few months ago, and I can't sing enough how wonderful all the therapists at Division Chiropractic have been for me! I would highly recommend Jenni and Megan!

I started with a consultation by Dr. Cohler, she was so thorough and listened to all my issues. After taking the time to talk through everything with me she suggested I start seeing Jenny for therapeutic massage. Jenny is very very experienced and put me at ease right away. She knows the body and after just one visit she knew how to help me. Massages like this are not exactly enjoyable (deep tissue work and breaking up scar tissue is painful) but I do look forward to my visits because they help me so much throughout the work week! The front desk staff is lovely as well!

Division Chiropractic & Acupuncture has such a nice group of people working there. I highly recommend! Everyone is friendly and professional, and Megan has done wonders for my neck pain.

I love this place. I visited once and Im hooked. Dr. Thompson is friendly, spends time with me, and cares. I only pay my copay here. No hidden charges and excessive cost. Im a continuous patient now.

I have been meaning to write a review for such a long time. I have been getting deep tissue massages from Sherry for several months now and she is the best massage therapist I've ever had. If you have chronic soreness and want actual relief as opposed to sensory Swedish massage, then Sherry is your girl. She really has made a difference in my body! Now I can actually start trying to think about my posture and other issues besides shoulder and neck tightness all the time.

I have also visited with Dr. Megan Thompson who is a wonderful chiropractor. She gives me a little rub down before each adjustment to get my body warmed up. Gotta love that.

These guys know what they are doing and will help you! I went on vacation once and got a massage from this Not-Sherry character, and I was so disappointed. I came back and told her she has ruined other massage therapists for me. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else!

I have two herniated discs and acupuncture has consistently helped when I have a flare up. I had a bad experience here in Chicago with an acupuncturist and I get a little woozy with needles. Thank goodness I found Samara!!! She is so gentle and soothing, just being around her makes me feel relaxed. I've seen her off and on for the last year when I have a flare up, and she has consistently helped relieve my pain. She is wonderful and I would see her for any/all other issues if something came up.

I've been coming here for 2+ years and can't say better things about this group. Alicia is a phenomenal chiropractor, and Jenni does great massage work. They're super focused on understanding the root of pain and working with you to improve it - can't recommend them more!

These people keep in line and happy. Good crew and very professional.

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Meet Ada, a former weight lifter and sports massage guru. She is super strong and knows the meaning of a “DEEP” tissue massage! #meetthehealermonday #massage #sportsmassage #divisionchiroandacu
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Happy Opening Day of Baseball!
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Now is the time to start acupuncture for the management of seasonal allergies! When we start now, to build your body's immune system and defenses, you're better equipped to sail smoothly through Spring's allergens.
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Start your week by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. More rest and digest. Less fight or flight. Acupuncture can get you there. You might even fall asleep. 773-276-2801 to save your spot. #restanddigest #acupuncture #calmdown
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A great article by National Geographic on modern cultivation and application of traditional remedies! " His colleague Shwu-Huey Liu, an expert in pharmaceutical chemistry who’s fluent in classical Mandarin, searched the Yale library’s large collection
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Acupuncture can help the body prepare for a smooth labor. Lots of moms ask if there's anything else they can do to encourage baby to come "on time." One answer - eat dates. Evidence Based Birth explains the research.
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