Our company is based on the belief that our customers' health is most important and we only offer the purest herbal remedies. The owner of Earth Organics is a herbalist. She has been helping people for many years who desire to choose an excellent quality of life by using herbs as a way to prevent illnesses and boost their immune systems to prevent diseases. Offering pure and fresh organic herbal creams, tinctures, Essiac tea, and other natural remedies.

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  Person Susan
  City Du Bois, PA
  Zip Code 15801
  Phone Number (814) 372-2069

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My name is Susan and I am a traditional herbalist. I developed a love of mother nature growing up and watching my grandparents farm the land and grow beautiful gardens using the earth's resources for food and medicines. I remember my grandfather picking berries to eat and my grandmother using them to make delicious jellies and jams, using plant roots for tea every spring to purify the blood, picking dandelions and using the roots to improve digestion and liver function, as well as burdock root to rid the organs of stones and cleanse the blood.

He called this, his spring cleaning. My grandfather died at age 86 and never had any serious illness or disease and was never in a hospital - he died of old age in his sleep. My mother is 89 and has no illnesses or diseases.She too, uses herbs and a healthy diet to maintain her health.