Firms bring Energy Equinox in to teach workers energy improvement techniques. Classes are conducted onsite at each firm and are a great way for business to offer non-monetary rewards as well as promote wellness within the company. Please have your company call us today to learn more!

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Corporate Qigong Classes

Energy Equinox teaches two kinds of qigong routines on-site at companies.

The Level I Healing Form is a dynamic routine (physical movement) . Its duration is 1 hour and involves theory about how qi (personal life energy) is stored and distributed throughout the body, experiential practice working with qi, and places emphases on bringing in positive, new energy while releasing old energy that is gone from the person. In this routine, students are also encouraged to think of and work with their qi to help them achieve one mission each week. The classes finish with a brief stretching session.

Yan Xin 9 Step Qigong is a static routine (no movement) . It is done seated while holding one posture until the ending procedure. Students are given multiple visualizations that need intense mental focus from coordinating the visualizations. This routine is a profound way for manifesting desired energy and events in one's life.

Corporate Tai Chi Classes

Energy Equinox teaches the Yang Style 10 Form tai chi routine on-site at firms. (Tai chi is a martial arts version of qigong) . Classes are conducted in 10-week blocks where each class builds upon what was studied in the previous class. Students learn one new form each week and will have learned/practiced the complete the full 10-Form routine by the end of the 10-week course.

The Yang Style 10 Form tai chi routine routine is based on the benefits of working with qi (one's personal life energy) as well as the defensive purpose behind each movement.

Please contact Energy Equinox today to learn more about tai chi classes on-site at your corporation.


Rei means spiritually guided and Ki means Lifeforce energy. Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of healing that uses spiritually-guided lifeforce energy to help quiet the mind, heal the body, and restore balance.