We have been providing quality chiropractic care to the Santa Barbara community for over twenty five years. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions. When many people seek care in our office they have one aim: relief. So that is where we begin! We encourage our patients to reach the best levels of health they can.

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  City Santa Barbara, CA
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  Phone Number (805) 964-9839

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At English Chiropractic, we are committed to giving people the powerful tools they need to help themselves stay better! These tools include high-quality chiropractic care and Foundation Training exercises. Goletachiropractor, Dr. Kevin English wants to empower you with the knowledge you need to maintain your health. In over three decades of practice, English Chiropractichas helped the people of our community to reach their health goals and live actively. Dr. English's chiropractic care is complemented by his extensive training in Selective Functional Movement Assessments and Foundation Training.

Since 1979, Dr. Kevin English at English Chiropractic has provided the highest standard of health care to the Santa Barbara and Goleta communities. He is passionate about helping his patients improve their health. At English Chiropractic, we want to help you reach your health care goals. We'll start by providing relief for your pain. Next, we'll work toward sustaining that relief. We'll teach you the tools you need to help speed your healing and maintain your health, so you can function better.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me by clicking on the "Email Us" at the top. Please keep in mind that communications via email over the internet are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in an email can be intercepted and read by other parties or unauthorized individuals. Please do not include personal identifying information such as your birth date, or personal medical information in any emails you send to us. Communication via our website cannot replace the relationship you have with a physician or another healthcare practitioner.

We understand that sometimes going to see a new doctor can cause a bit of apprehension. As a warm and friendly office, our goal is to make you feel at home right away. It's our desire to help you feel completely comfortable while we determine how to address your individual health goals. Dr. English will review your examination findings with you and see how you responded to your first treatment. Depending upon how you are feeling and what your treatment goals are, further care will be designed to provide relief, continued healing, and restoration of health.

Repetitive motions (painting the ceiling), postural distortions (falling asleep with your neck twisted) and whiplash injuries from a car accident are physical stresses. So are slips and falls. Even being born! Today's environment constantly assaults us with chemicals. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen and a host of other substances can affect our nervous system and muscle tone. When your body reacts by "tripping a circuit breaker" and causing vertebral subluxation, chiropractic care may help.