Experience with family and patients has left me effective at treating numerous pain related and neurological conditions. It has helped me developed unique, effective methods of treatment. I use a diverse selection of holistic methods including acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, BodyTalk, NAET, reiki, Chinese body massage, and many other state of the art techniques. Why are you waiting to feel better? CALL TODAY! I am currently accepting new patients. Please call to schedule a FREE evaluation: 954.880.0202 Kim Marin, AP - Acupuncture Cooper City Acupuncturist in Weston.

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Kimerly Marin


Often I am asked how I got into acupuncture and I am happy to share my story. It all started years ago when my first son came into this world. At around age 3 1/2 we found out he had Tourette's Syndrome. As you can imagine my husband and I were completely devastated. Many nights were spent crying ourselves to sleep. At the beginning his tics consisted of eye blinking. It was so bad that he couldn't walk down the steps by himself because his eyes were closed too much to see well. They progressed from there to include odd vocal sounds and other jerky movements of his body. He was also displaying severe hyperactivity. It is not uncommon for children with Tourette's to have other neurological issues such as ADD/ADHD as well.

I searched day and night for answers. I knew I did not want to put him on drugs. They were only marginally effective at minimizing the tics, not eliminating them. I just couldn't imagine putting his tiny liver and kidneys through the stress of powerful Western drugs at the age of 3 1/2 (knowing what I know now... this probably saved him). Since I was a dietitian I approached the problem with nutrition first. I researched all the medical literature to see if these children suffered from any type of deficiencies or problems processing nutrients. After coming up with a list of nutritional items, I started him on a program of regimented supplementation. After one month I hadn't noticed a single change. So I continued to scour the internet for answers. The internet was fairly new at the time so there wasn't that much information available online.