Patients in our office receive corrective chiropractic care, postural rehab exercises, a spinal home care program, individualized nutritional plans, and customized movement/fitness programs that are easy to implement and maximize their health.

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  Person Family Life Chiropractic - Mindy Pelz
  City San Jose, CA
  Zip Code 95112
  Address 115 Paseo de San Antonio
  Phone Number (408) 298-8092

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Family Life Chiropractic - Mindy Pelz


Dr. Mindy Pelz, the founder of Family Life Chiropractic, is passionate about educating and informing our community about achieving optimal health and wellness. At FLC our training and experience allows us to care for a diverse range of symptoms and patients.

Customer Testimonials

I urge all the people I know personally to seek chiropractic treatment. It works wonders!

I made my first chiropractic appointment out of desperation. Even though I had completed Kaiser's 10-week back care program, my back and hips still hurt so much that I could not sleep at night. My health deteriorated because I was exhausted due to lack of sleep, and I cried at night because nothing I did alleviated the pain. My first chiropractic adjustment gave me instant relief. After a few appointments I felt good again.

Family Life Chiropractic and Dr Mendy Pelz along with her staff made it easy for me to choose Chiropractic to help me maintain a healthy way to relieve my pain recieved from a work related injuy and migrain headaches that were unbarrible. Prior to going to her for treatment I feared chiropractic Thearpy. She is the best and highly recommend her to anyone experiencing chronic neck or back pain. You will be glad you did.

Family Life Chiropractic came up with MORE THAN 4.5 STARS for me on predict-it .com in a search for chiropractors in San Jose that scoured more than 2700 reviews prior to making the recommendation. Of course Predict-it provides personalized results based on my tastes preferences and lifestyle so your results may be different. Check it out for yourself and see how accurately Predict-it predicts your likelihood of satisfaction with Family Life Chiropractic

Dr. Mindy and her staff are great! They have shown me the tools I need to live my life with the 5 essentials. My family and I love coming here and feel tremendously better.

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