The Healing Process

Initial Consult (20-30 min. Free of charge)
I will provide an initial consultation to determine if I can help your case. I believe in providing the most effective treatment in the least amount of time. Patients will NOT be following treatment plans that include many visits with little or no improvement. For chiropractic cases there should be significant improvement within 2-3 weeks (sometimes sooner). I also work with other practitioners and will make referrals as necessary to help your healing. Functional medicine cases take a bit longer and should see improvement within a couple of months.

Comprehensive Review of Medical Records
I will review your medical/chiropractic records before your first visit. I believe in learning as much about my patients' health histories as possible so I can provide the best possible treatment. Generally, I will ask for your records after the initial consult.

Initial Examination
I will provide a detailed examination with focus on your problem. This will help me to determine your initial treatment plan.

Blood Testing
Some patients will need blood testing to determine which body systems may be causing their problems. As a practitioner I can obtain these tests at a very low cost and pass these savings on to you.

Treatment Plan
Every patient will obtain a specific treatment plan based on the information gathered from the above steps. The plan will have a beginning and an end with goals for improvement. I will work to provide the most effective treatment possible. The treatments may consist of taking nutritional products, chiropractic adjustments, soft-tissue work, physical therapy, exercises, etc.

Follow-up Exam
There will be a follow-up exam at the conclusion of your treatment plan. Together we will determine whether you have met your goals, how much you have improved and whether we should continue treatment.

Ongoing Support
Some conditions require ongoing support at a reduced frequency of care. Many patients can take over their own healing by continuing to take supplements, doing exercises, etc. with minimal visits.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Effective Chiropractic Care
  • Nutritional Counseling

Serviced Areas

  • West Bend, Hartford, Jackson, Kewaskum

Contact Details

  Person Dr. Bruce Forciea
  City West Bend, WI
  Zip Code 53095
  Address 2140 S Main
  Phone Number (262) 278-7373

Business Representative

Dr. Bruce Forciea


Dr. Forciea practices part-time at the Functional Healing Clinic as well as teaches anatomy and physiology full-time at Moraine Park Technical College. He has 20 years of experience helping others heal in his chiropractic practices. His past patients include national and Olympic athletes, professional dancers, and thousands of weekend warriors, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and disc cases.

He is an international author and his book "Unlocking the Healing Code" is published in 2 foreign languages. He has also presented at international and national conferences on sports injuries, health, wellness and healing.

Dr. Forciea is board certified and licensed to practice chiropractic and nutritional counseling in the state of Wisconsin.