If you take the time to look through the different pages, you will learn quite a bit about Chiropractic Care and what we do here in our office. There are a wealth of Chiropractors in town, so you may wonder what makes our office different? The Chiropractic Care that we supply utilizes gentle, low force techniques. These techniques are among the safest and most effective in the health care field.

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  City Valley Village, CA
  Zip Code 91607
  Address 5953 Laurel Cnyn Blvd Ste A
  Phone Number (818) 761-7712

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Dr. Philip Kogler strives towards making your chiropractic experience fit your unique needs. Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or suffer pain from a specific medical condition, we can help. Dr. Kogler is experienced in working with individuals of all ages ranging from newborns to the elderly. Whether you are searching for care during pregnancy, after an injury, or to relieve pain, chiropractic care can benefit you. It is crucial to keep the body and nervous system well aligned in order to achieve optimal health.

Our neck, also called the cervical spine, can move your head in nearly every direction, making it very flexible. On average, the head weighs about 12 pounds and the cervical spine supports the full weight. This makes you more susceptible to pain and injury. See your Chiropractor today for information on cervical spine adjustments and stretches to strengthen your neck. Your body will thank you!

Jennifer was first introduced to chiropractic care after a work injury in 2005. She then had the opportunity to work for a chiropractic office starting in 2008 and joined Discover Chiropractic in 2015 when her family relocated to Monroe. She loves interacting with the patients and getting to know the them. She's a mom to two boys and an Army wife. When she's not in the office, she enjoys hiking, camping, and rooting for her WSU Cougs. Our neck, also called the cervical spine, can move your head in nearly every direction, making it very flexible.

Consultation, Exam and Adjustment: In this visit you can expect an initial consultation with Dr. Kogler to talk about your health history, an initial exam and followed with an adjustment. This will help Dr. Kogler determine what the best plan of action is for your care. If you have medical insurance, please bring your insurance card with you and some form of ID. We are more than happy to help determine what your benefits are for you. Report of Finding: In this visit, Dr. Kogler will go over the best Corrective Care Plan of action for your individual needs based on the results of your initial exam.