Services include psychic readings with intuitive guidance, mediumship, Reiki & energy healing, sound healing, crystal healing, Angel Readings, and other spiritually based services. The school portion of the center is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and offers classes in Reiki, other healing methods, and psychic & mediumship development. Graduate Certification is offered. Appointments can and must be made online on the website.

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Faye Weber


Faye is a board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, with studies in Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Spirit Releasement Therapy, and more. She is trained in additional Psychic & Mediumship Studies through Montclair Psychic School and is a licensed ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. She is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage, as well as a Master of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Blue Star Celestial Energy Healing and Ama Deus Shamanic Healing. She is also a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue and a non-denominational Ordained Minister.

Products & Services


$85.00/60 minutes, $130/90 minutes

Experience relaxation, stress and pain relief, physical and spiritual healing with a Reiki Treatment.

Usui Reiki is a spiritual healing practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is given by laying on hands and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what gives us life. If our life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of feeling balanced, happy and healthy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei - meaning "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki - meaning "life force energy". Together, the word Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy. "

Usui Reiki is the most well-known and traditional form of Reiki known to most people.

Reiki can help to clear away both emotional and physical pains as well as disease and illness. Although it is considered a complimentary or alternative form of healing, it is used in several hospitals and other traditional medical settings as well as by many massage therapists. The effects can be very healing, relaxing and relieving, much like a massage but on a deeper, more spiritual and energetic level.

Benefits include:

- reduced stress
- increased energy
- pain relief
- promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing
- brings energy flow into balance and harmony
- improves sleeping patterns
- strengthens the immune system
- helps promote a feeling of well-being
- can assist in one's spiritual evolution

If you are uncomfortable with hands on healing, it is possible to receive Reiki without physical touch. You will be laid down on a massage/reiki table, fully clothed, as I perform the treatment.

I include aromatherapy in my healing sessions, using Young Living Essential Oils in an oil diffuser. The oil used will be determined by your current emotional or physical needs. I may also lightly integrate the use of crystals, tuning forks, or crystal singing bowls to compliment your healing session if I feel they are needed. Please notify me if you do not wish for me to use any of the above.

First time Reiki sessions will take an additional 10 to 15 minutes to fill out paperwork and receive an initial consultation, prior to the session. The consultation will determine the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues that need to be addressed. All sessions will take up to around 5 to 10 additional minutes after the session to discuss the client's experience and my feedback on any information I received during the session.

Please know that, although there is always the possibility that one healing session can bring about your desired result, it is more common that several successive sessions are necessary and more beneficial and effective.

Distant sessions are also available.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing

$85/60 minutes, $130/90 minutes
Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing

Enhance your Reiki session with the energy of the Ascended Masters.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (now known as New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation) is a method of energy healing revealed to John Armitage by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in 1998. It is the energy of the Diamond Frequency which correlates to the collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters.

Some consider it as an extension of Usui Reiki and it is performed in the same manner, fully clothed on a massage table with hands-on healing (or hands-off if the client prefers) .

Shamballa is multi-dimensional in nature. Similar to Reiki, it is known to be working on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, however it also touches the deepest levels of cellular memory and DNA.
What makes the Shamballa system so powerful is its blend of energies:

1. Universal Life Force (Reiki) Energy - the energy that runs through all beings, including the "objects" all around you. It is the energy that creates and gives life and this includes "objects" since they are made of this energy as well. Everyone and everything is made up of this energy. It is love energy. Love is the fuel.

2. Mahatma Energy - also known as the I AM presence. It is the awareness of the Self, as the Source. This does not mean that you are disconnected from everyone else; as a matter of fact it is saying that the key to Oneness is inside of you. It is a recognition of who you truly are your Wholeness. This is one of the most powerful energies of Pure, Unconditional Love. It is said that this is a new energy for humankind available since the harmonic convergence to bring to Earth a new way of being. When you reach inside yourself and find the Wholeness, the Oneness, you realize that everyone else is a part of you. And you are a part of everyone and everything else. All is One.

3. The Energy of the Ascended Masters - Ascended Masters are beings who have completed their reincarnation cycles and now exist in spirit form as teachers of humanity. Their purpose is to assist others in their spiritual evolution and the evolution of the planet as a whole.

In addition to promoting multi-level healing, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is a most wonderful tool for all those who desire to increase and deepen their work in the light, their devotion to planetary service and accelerate their spiritual evolution.

This service can be easily combined with my other healing services and is an excellent compliment to Usui Reiki.

I include aromatherapy in my healing sessions, using Young Living Essential Oils in an oil diffuser. The oil used will be determined by your current emotional or physical needs. I may also lightly integrate the use of crystals, tuning forks, or crystal singing bowls to compliment your healing session if I feel they are needed. Please notify me if you do not wish for me to use any of the above.

Please know that, although there is always the possibility that one healing session can bring about your desired result, it is more common that several successive sessions are necessary and more beneficial and effective.

Distant sessions are also available.

Zobet (Solfeggio) Tuning Fork Therapy

Zobet (Solfeggio) Tuning Fork Therapy

This form of tuning fork therapy was founded by Ashera Hart from the UK, who has studied the Solfeggio sound frequencies for over 13 years. She has done an extensive amount of research to find seemingly endless correlations between the Solfeggio frequencies and sacred geometry, ancient cosmic and mathematical history and their powerful healing effects upon people and all life. Most practitioners of the Solfeggio frequencies use only 6 or 9 tuning forks, but she has discovered another 9 frequencies, which makes the entire system 18.

The frequencies of the Zobet (which translated means house of the Lord/God) are frequencies derived from divine/Vedic mathematics and sacred geometry which is the universal language of our creator and they also embody the Fibonacci sequence which is found everywhere you look in nature. Since your whole body is made up of this divine proportion, or more commonly known as the Phi ratio, that some of you may know from the movie The Da Vinci Code, the frequencies of the Zobet are the perfect tool to help your body reconnect to its natural, universal and divine origins.

Since your body's whole proportion (e. g. the bones in our fingers) and the DNA, which is present in every cell of your body, is also comprised of the Phi ratio, the Zobet frequencies can also help activate your DNA to its full potential which some say is up to 1, 024 strands. The Zobet frequencies are played in pairs that have a difference in tone of 111Hz and this important frequency helps to tune the body so you feel more connected on every level. More connected to your body so you are more in tune with the best food to eat, deepening your awareness so you might tune in on deeper breathing or more aligned posture, more in touch with your in-tuition about your life, and due to the Theta brainwave state created, more able to handle the daily stresses of a modern life. 111Hz has been used to treat insomnia as well as drug addiction.

This session will be performed fully clothed on a massage table, starting with guided imagery using the Flower of Life and leading into the use of each pair of tuning forks, held 3 inches from your ears, then used above your head, then over your chakras centers, then at your feet and through your chakra centers again, clearing and re-attuning areas as needed, with sacred geometric motions. At the end of each pair, each fork will be placed on your chest so that the frequency resonates through your entire body, going where it is needed. The session will involve a bit more visualization and meditation and will close with a grounding method that includes the use of the Om/Earth 136. 1Hz tuning fork placed on your chest bone.

Benefits include:

Deep relaxation/more peaceful & focused mind
A Theta brainwave state that is great for meditation, reducing stress & mental fatigue, boosting the immune system, accessing inner wisdom/intuition, enhancing memory & ability to problem solve, increasing sex drive, transforming limiting beliefs, enhanced visualization and creativity
Uplifts your mood
Helps clear energy blockages
Brain rebalancing
Helps get you more in tune with your body
Some experience an increase in sensitivity & body awareness
Promotes a feeling of unity and connectedness
Spiritual re-alignment
DNA activation (the frequencies used are a sonic version of the Phi ratio which is the same blueprint as the DNA)

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy/Chakra Balancing

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy/Chakra Balancing

Experience relaxation, clarity, balance and well-being with the sound healing therapy of Crystal Singing Bowls.

With the use of Sound and Crystal Therapy, I will help to bring your chakras and energy field back into balance and help you to release emotional and spiritual blockages. Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to the proper musical notes that resonate with each chakra, clearing and bringing them back into balance wherever there is an imbalance.

You will lie fully clothed on the massage table as I lay out healing crystals on and around your body in a layout programmed to heal and balance your chakras. Once the crystals are laid out, I will start the crystal singing bowl session, playing each bowl corresponding to your chakras and then intuitively moving into an appropriate playing sequence that resonates with your needs.

Intuitive/Psychic Guidance

$75/30 min., $125/60 min., $180/90 min.
Intuitive/Psychic Guidance

Receive psychic insight and intuitive guidance on how to make life improvements and progress on your soul's path.

This session is designed to provide you with psychic insight and intuitive guidance regarding your relationships, career, life purpose, spiritual journey, etc. It is not a typical 'psychic reading' where you are told your future and sent out the door. This session will more closely revolve around intuitive and spiritual advice rather than just "fortune telling".

I also do not do what are called "cold" readings, as my purpose is to help with specific questions. I do ask for a brief description of what topics you would like to look into and what circumstances you are looking to change. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible during your session. In addition to answering your questions, I will give you insightful advice and guidance to help you reach your goals or make changes and improvements that will benefit your present and future.

This service is an excellent addition to a healing session.

Phone sessions are also available.

Mediumship Session

Mediumship Session

Experience confirmation of the afterlife as I reconnect you with your loved ones who have passed on from this physical realm.

I am trained in evidential mediumship which means that I will focus on receiving information specific to each spirit to the point that you can confirm his or her identity. Upon confirmation of identity, I will communicate whatever messages they wish to share with you. The number of spirits who wish to communicate with you is not predictable so you may get only one, or several.

What to expect: Please keep an open mind as to which spirits will come through as it is not always who you expect, and often a spirit you are not expecting will bring through the one that you are. Please do not tell me anything about those you wish to connect with. Also, I ask that you please do not ask me specific details (such as "does he like sports? ") that may give away information about the person, as it can disrupt my connection. You are welcomed to bring any objects or photos of those you wish to connect with, but I may or may not feel the need to use them.

It is my hope that you receive healing and peace from a mediumship session, in knowing that your loved ones are still conscious, aware, at peace, and connected to you from the spirit realm. Sessions may last up to one hour or less, depending on the number of spirits who come through.

Phone sessions are also available.

Angel Card Oracle or Tarot Card Reading

$75/30 minutes, $125/60 minutes
Angel Card Oracle or Tarot Card Reading

Receive insight and intuitive guidance regarding your current life questions with an Angel Card Reading.

I will use cards from either an angel oracle or tarot deck, along with my own intuition and guidance to give you insights into the most important issues and questions you may presently have. Although it is possible to get insight into the potential future, my readings are more aimed at helping you to make positive improvements and choices in your life. The future is not set in stone and we have the power to change it, so it is not healthy to rely on or dread a potential future in a reading. While I will consult the cards for potential futures, the emphasis of my readings will be to help guide you to the future that serves your highest good.

Phone and email readings are also available.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy

A Spirit Releasement is necessary when we have spirit or entity attachments. This means that an earthbound spirit (previously living human) or other entity (dark force beings, demons, elementals, or E. T. 's) have attached to our aura, chakras, or physical body. Spirit attachment is very real and has been happening to humans since our creation. The subject can be found throughout many cultures and religions going back to ancient times. You have most likely heard of exorcism, or maybe depossession or Shamanic extraction.

These are other terms for Spirit Releasement, also known as Entity Removal or Spirit Rescue. Spirit Releasement is a more modern, compassionate method of what was once called "exorcism". There is a difference between "possession" and "spirit attachment". Attachment is more that the spirit or entity is in some part of your energy field (aura, chakra, body part) . This is not possession. Actual possession is considered to be rare and more severe, where the spirit has actually taken over the body and the person entirely. This situation may require more help.

Most people are aware of what we call "ghosts" who "haunt" a physical location such as a house or building. Human spirits who have passed on from this world can also attach to a person, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Most of these are usually innocent and were looking for comfort at their time of death, and did not yet make it to the light. Other entities such as demons or dark beings (yes, unfortunately they really do exist!) can also attach to us but is most all times done intentionally as it is their nature to make us miserable, unhappy, drained, or hopeless. In the experience of most Spirit Releasement Therapists, it is frequently very possible to help and convince a dark being to choose the light over the darkness. Our goal in your Spirit Releasement will be to make sure the Angels and Beings of Light take all spirits to the place that is for the divine highest good and safety for all involved.

Symptoms of Spirit Attachment include:
- A sudden onset of hearing voices
- Feeling like someone is watching you
- Feeling extremely drained or fatigued
- Extreme and unusual level of anxiety and/or paranoia
- Feeling like you are "not yourself"
- Thoughts that don't make sense or that you know are not your own
- Depression, anger, sadness that you don't normally feel
- Sudden physical ailments or illness, nausea
- Sudden weight gain or weight loss
- Change in eating habits
- Relationship problems
- Difficulty concentrating or focusing, especially on spiritual matters and during meditation
- Sudden cravings for certain things unusual for the individual (certain foods, alcohol, drugs, etc.)
- Suicidal or homocidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself or others

As a former victim of spirit attachment, I can relate to what you are going through first hand and I am here to let you know that you are not alone or crazy.

Customer Testimonials

I have had many visits with Faye over the past year...every single one of them were amazing in different ways! The first time I went to meet with Faye I was getting a reiki session done. I had been diagnosed with abnormal cells that were a stage below cancer and they had to be biopsied- after one reiki session the follow-up test I had done at my doctors was negative!
I also to a mercaba meditation class with her as well as her crystal healing certificate course. Faye is always welcoming and answers any questions I have had. Not only that, but she has taught me so much on my spiritual path! I have gotten insight on topics like ascendant masters, archangels, and all kinds of sacred geometry! Thank you Faye for always taking the time to make sure each one of our visits are special!

Absolutely amazing! From the first minute she sat down, she immediately was tuned into what was happening in my life. She was so compassionate and understanding, I am DEFINITELY going back! Highly, highly recommend her! Thank you for everything, Faye!

I attended the Reiki classes with Faye Weber. Her classes were well thought out and excellently prepared. She had abundant material for the students to take home and study later for better retention to reference as needed. Faye is open to Spirit and generous with her information and gifts. I was able to obtain the certification I desired in a gentle and timely manner. My experience was so positive I returned for additional training.

My experience here was fantastic, I've had several readings. My readings were amazingly accurate and detailed. The owner is very welcoming, fun, and easy to talk to. Would definitely go back!!

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