From Great Grandmothers to Great Kids and from all walks of life, we assist our patients enjoy their lives to the fullest! We know that health is so much more than just not feeling pain. Guzzardo Chiropractic Center is where we can start helping you reach and maintain the best standards of health possible.

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  City Clinton Township, MI
  Zip Code 48038
  Address 39725 Garfield Rd
  Phone Number (586) 286-6616

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Chiropractors not only help you when you aren’t feeling well. We also help you promote your health when you are feeling your best.
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Sweet, fizzy diet soda may seem like a dieter's dream–but the lack of calories comes with some pretty unpleasant side effects.
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Citrus Bliss + Elevation is sure to put you in a good mood. Put a few drops of each oil blend in your diffuser and be happy!!
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Just as a house cannot be strong if it is made with poor materials, your body cannot be healthy and strong if you...
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Is how you're sleeping hurting your back? We can help.
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Have you ever wondered how toxic your body really is? Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9 at 6:00 to find out...
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Having an x-ray done in an office is a vital component of comprehensive care. Learning to give, read and evaluate...
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Chiropractic care can treat a wide variety of ailments. Check out the latest conditions shown to be successfully treated by regular care, and talk to us to learn more!
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Dr. Guzzardo is a chiropractor serving Clinton Township and the surrounding area. We are committed in addressing your unique needs, whether it's back pain, neck pain, headaches, or muscular tension. You may be searching for pain relief after an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you suffer from a specific condition like chronic back pain or a spinal condition. Even if you're looking to improve your overall health, our chiropractor can help you attain your everyday wellness goals! Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients are saying about our office.

Guzzardo Chiropractic Center is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services. Massage therapy offers a natural conservative treatment approach that relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our office provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is tailored to meet the patient's condition and injury. The benefits of massage therapy may include increasing blood circulation, reducing swelling, relaxing muscles, relieving muscle pain and spasms, and aid in recovery and range of motion.

Continually wearing the wrong items, such as a heavy backpack or bag on one shoulder, can cause injury to your health. You probably wouldn't connect getting ill with what you wear, but perhaps you should. When it comes to being healthy, you probably don't give your clothes or accessories a second thought. The reality is that what you wear or carry could play a crucial role in your health, even making you ill if you continually wear the wrong items, such as a heavy backpack or bag. Clothing fit is also an important consideration for health.

Thank you for your incredible service yesterday. Our employees have not stopped talking about your services and there are those that missed out and really want to have a massage when you come back. Being an actual chiropractor is amazing as opposed to just a masseuse. Our employees type and sit all day so the information you gave about carpal tunnel was very useful as well as engaging. You actually saved me with some employees as our Team Day was kind of a bust, but they ended the day on a good note all around.

In some ways, one could say that chiropractic care is a bit like building a house - certain things have to happen in a particular order in order for everything to stand strong and work together correctly. When building a house, if you tried to build your walls before you had a solid foundation, your walls would be weak and eventually may even collapse. If you tried to build your roof before the walls were ready, you would run into the same problem. These concepts apply to your body as well, and chiropractic care addresses many common reasons why people experience pain and other health issues.

Navigating the supplement aisle at your local Whole Foods or health store can feel like a high-stakes obstacle course: What does "IU" stand for again and why does it matter? Which strain of probiotic do you need? And what is up with magnesium, anyway? In order to preempt your desperate real-time shopping questions for Dr. Google, here's a little supplemental intel on the gold-star vitamins and minerals that you need. I talked to Tiffany Lester, MD, Medical Director of Parsley Health, and Taz Bhatia, MD, integrative health expert and author of Super Woman RX, to gather some much-needed information on which supplements are worthy of space in your medicine cabinet.

Auto accidents, repetitive strain injuries, and staring at a smartphone or computer for a long period of time can put strain on the neck causing misalignment. Once the neck pain starts, it can be difficult to resolve without treatment of some kind. At Guzzardo Chiropractic Center in Clinton Township, our team can help you get the relief you are seeking with gentle, yet effective, chiropractic techniques. Here's a look at why neck pain happens and how chiropractic care can help. The neck, also known as the cervical spine, has multiple ligaments, tendons, and muscles that work with each other to help you move.

Does your back feel achy and stiff? Do even simple tasks like carrying groceries or lasting through a full day at work leave you sore and exhausted? Back pain is extremely common and can disrupt virtually every aspect of your life. At the Guzzardo Chiropractic Center, our Clinton Township chiropractor helps people with back pain every day find relief. We take it one step beyond symptom relief, though, by helping our patients understand why their back pain happens and what can be done to prevent it from recurring.