If you are ready for Accelerated Self-Healing, you will love this work. In addition to our programs in Hawaii, we work remotely with clients around the world on most continents. Get in touch, and let's set up a Discovery/Strategy Session over phone or Skype with no obligation, so you can meet us and get a feel for the unique system and results we have in store for you! Our systems are based on the ground breaking work of Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, and his Clinical Theory of Everything (Google it for videos and lots more...)

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Healing Oasis Phytoceramides

Non-GMO, grain, wheat and gluten-free Ceramides (PCER) from the traditional Japanese health food konnyaku (Amorphophallus konjac) . Practitioners and Health businesses may contact us for wholesale access. The results are typically noticeable to the patient and others in a few weeks to a few months.

In addition to the healthy rejuvenation, toning and moisturizing of the skin, age spots, cracks, dry spots, redness, blemishes and other lesions often clear up. Ceramides regulate cellular nutrition and detoxification in all cells, not just the skin, so similar healing is happening internally. They also regulate apoptosis, the programmed cell death that is missing in cancer cells, which explains why we are seeing such nice improvements in such a range of skin lesions.

Customer Testimonials


I just can't thank you enough for saving me (again). It's truly a miracle that I found you or that God delivered me to your door. To have my health returning is priceless. I have purpose helping people again. I am so grateful to you and to God and to life. To go from feeling rotten desperate and purging to better everyday is a huge improvement. Your clarity is so bright.

For the 1st time in 4 years I went into PKP [mall] and stayed. It was my 1st movie in 4 years!!! While it wasn't the best movie, and I had & still do some reactions it's amazing how this is all working the last 2 months. Thank you sounds too lame but it's all I have. I'm starting to cry again. I've been in 3 restaurants and Block Buster with (for me) few to no problems. I even drove to Kailua/Kona this week. I'm far from normal, but I'm getting my life back! I don't know if we can hit normal but this is so much better than when we began.

I was fortunate enough to hear about Dr. G. Swartwout, whom I started to see. I was experiencing periods of physically decreased energy, frequent sinus attacks, and bouts with the flu three times that winter! Pain was increasing in both hand joints. A half dozen trips to my family physician relieved some physical symptoms, but the cause remained and continued to resurface in yet another symptom. Both knees and right leg pain continued to increase. After my first office visits with Dr. Swartwout I began to experience physical and emotional decrease in all these ailments. Now one year later, I can safely say that I am indeed being returned to physical and emotional health of which I am very grateful. Thank you again.

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Being fully alive is when yourbody, mind and spirit flow together as as a coherent, dynamic unity. Imbalances like stress, illness or damageinany part of your being, limitother aspects of your life, too.

The products and services offered on this site are a service of HealingOasis, under the umbrella of Mentorship University, which is centered in Hawai'i, and provides educational, research and spiritualservices worldwide. Our mission is to bring you easy access to the best, most integrated space-age wellness systems available anywhere. We all know that your own home or healing center is the best place for healing, so we offer internet based energy healing lab services, telecommunications based coaching and consulting, and our own proprietary systems of remote sensing and healing developed over 30 years of clinical exploration.