About Homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe, non-toxic, gentle, and effective. The potentized, nano remedies that are used in Homeopathy are FDA regulated. Homeopathy works on the principle that like cures like. A substance that can cause a particular set of symptoms will also remove those same symptoms. For example, an onion causes watery eyes and a runny nose in most people. A common remedy for allergies, with watery eyes and a runny nose, is potenized onion or Allium Cepa.

Homeopathy provides a gentle stimulus that stimulates your body's healing. I like to say that it helps your body get over that speed-bump, or symptom, that it is creating.

Homeopathy flourished during the early 1900's in the United States. It is still widely used today in countries such as France, England, India, Australia, Argentina, and Canada. Homeopathy is so gentle, that pregnant women and infants can benefit from it also.

About Doulas. A doula provides non-medical emotional and physical support to a laboring woman and her partner. A Doula supports the mother during labor to make the experience as fulfilling as possible. Doulas work in any birthing environment; home birth, birth center, and at the hospital.

Studies show that having a Doula while in labor can help create:
a 50 % lower cesarean rate
1.5 hours less labor time
70% reduction of Pitocin used
35% less epidural rate

Doulas listen to their clients needs and desires and help in any manner possible. I want women to feel protected, honored, respected, and empowered during their labor.

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  Person Cheryl Furer
  City Longmont, CO
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Cheryl Furer

I am a certified Homeopath and a Doula serving Colorado's Front Range.

I live in Longmont, CO with my husband, four cats, and a dog. I enjoy gardening and living as simply and naturally as I can. I graduated from the Homeopathy School International, and am currently studying at the Midwives College of Utah. I am working on a Bachelors of Midwifery for home birth. I have two Doula trainings. One with Cocoon Birth, LLC, and the other with Penny Stansfield with DONA.

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Services that I provide:

Homeopathic consultations
Doula- labor support
Doula- new parents support
Placenta encapsulation
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Bartering and discounts

Call me or visit my website for more information about the services i offer.
I am willing to work with people on a barter system also. Contact me and we'll figure it out!

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Cheryl is an incredible midwife and person. She was the top of my list when planning a homebirth for my surrogacy in 2016. Her balanced and thorough care for me as a the birthing person and taking care of the baby’s family seemed absolutely effortless on her part. She was as hands off as I needed in my birthing and as hands on as I needed her postpartum. She’s everything a midwife should hope to be and I’m so lucky we chose her. She always bring a calming and encouraging energy with her whether Id was casual conversation or discussing challenges in pregnancy. I always felt safe and cared for through and through!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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Do you know that you have options for your care provider during pregnancy? Midwives are the gold standard around the world, yet in the U.S., midwives only attend about 10% of all births. Have you asked your provider what their cesarean rate is? How often do they use IV Pitocin or other interventions in their care? The US has a national cesarean section rate of 32.2%! One in three births that start in the hospital will have a cesarean. The overuse of surgical birth does not lead to better outcomes.