Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a holistic system, meaning that naturopathic doctors (N.D.s) or naturopathic medical doctors (N.M.D.s) strive to find the cause of disease by understanding the body, mind, and spirit of the person. Most naturopathic doctors use a variety of therapies and techniques (such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture).

There are two areas of focus in naturopathy: one is supporting the body's own healing abilities, and the other is empowering people to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health. While naturopathic doctors treat both short bouts of illness and chronic conditions, their emphasis is on preventing disease and educating patients.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient.
How can Naturopathy and Homeopathy help you?

• Asthma and allergies
• Arthritis
• Chronic infections
• Depression and Anxiety
• Diabetes
• Digestive disturbances such as acid reflux, constipation, and IBS
• Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome
• Flus and Colds
• High Blood Pressure
• Infertility
• Menopausal symptoms
• Thyroid problems
• Skin problems
• Sleep disorders
• Smoking Cessation
• Stress Management
• Weight Management

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