For more than 20 years Rev. Nancy McMillan has been providing healing, psychic and spiritual services to many people every year. The cornerstone of her practice offers people the insights and tools to live more rewarding, authentic, and spiritually involved lives. Rev. Nancy puts an emphasis on teaching and personal involvement, psychic development training and spiritual mentoring. This offers Rev. Nancy's customers not only with immediate insights and answers, but a lifelong path of clarity, peace and spiritual growth.

"It's a 'buy a man a fish, he eats for day; teach a man to fish, he eat for a lifetime' kind of thing," Rev. Nancy explains. I give people the tools to connect with their higher selves and potentials.

Rev. Nancy spent a lot of years of intensive study in holistic healing, healing, psychic development, intuitive counseling, meditation methods, body relaxation and spiritual awakening techniques before opening her practice. The caliber and range of training Rev. Nancy has got makes her uniquely qualified to deploy an impressive array of methods in the process of spiritual mentoring.

So what is spiritual mentoring? For most of Rev. Nancy's clients, it begins with questions: Why am I dissatisfied? Where does my empty feeling come from? How can I let go of this stress (or depression, or anger)? How do I get in touch with a higher state of consciousness? These questions and others can be explored in a single spiritual counseling session.

If you are searching for an road map roadmap to further your spiritual development, Rev. Nancy will set up an ongoing program, bringing to bear her deep understanding of a variety of spiritual paths for your personal needs. These programs may last up to several months or more

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  • Counseling
  • Healing
  • Spiritual and Physical development

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  Person Rev. Dr. Nancy McMilan
  City Marlborough, MA
  Zip Code 01752
  Address 29 Briarwood Lane, Suite 5
  Phone Number (508) 263-9501

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Rev. Dr. Nancy McMilan


Rev. McMillan has is a psychotherapist, minister and holistic healer. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Divinity and Egyptology.