The HOLISTIC REGENESIS is a Light and Sound therapy Informational Wellness Technology. We believe that the light encoded informational energy created by the The HOLISTIC REGENESIS technology is triggering aspects within the subtle energy fields, which in turn, have access to the zero-point energy field. Within this zero-point energy field is contained the original set of energetic blueprints for all aspects of the human body. Then, one's innate intelligence directs the energy where it is needed the most. The HOLISTIC REGENESIS technology is providing life-force energy which the body's innate intelligence directs to those areas of the physical, mental and/or emotional bodies that need it most. In essence, the higher intelligence is like the conductor of an orchestra who directs all the musicians based upon a prewritten set of musical instructions.

If a specific aspect of the body is energetically out of balance, which some researchers refer to as being "out of coherence", then the higher intelligence goes to work in (a) accessing the original energetic or morphogenic blueprint so it has a template to work with; and (b) directs energy from the HOLISTIC REGENESIS technology to help renormalize that specific area of the body to state of wellness.

Therefore the Premise, "the energy that creates the body can also heal the body."

The HOLISTIC REGENESIS is a unique and intricate technology with cost-effective, user-friendly "plug and play" instrumentation for Practitioners, Professionals and End-Users in all area of Private Practice, Science, Research and Clinicals. The HOLISTIC REGENESIS
is totally unique, a special light and sound therapy, informational technology unprecedented in approach, application and results.

Global Light Technologies is headquartered in beautiful Mt. Shasta, California, and is the consultant-liaison, bringing the HOLISTIC REGENESIS technology to the national and international arena.

Our vision is to provide futuristic technology that will be a benefit to humanity and the planet. To this end, we search internationally for those technologies which in our opinion represent "The Best of Class" products, assisting individuals in their quest for optimal wellness.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at a unique frequency.

The HOLISTIC REGENESIS system is one of those futuristic technologies that provide significant life-force energy in a unique, non-invasive way providing a morphogenic renormalization to the body's systems.

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Business Representative

Ari Kopel

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ari has over 30 years of Executive Level Sales, Management and Marketing experience. She has been affiliated with companies such as AT&T and Bell South Advertising and Publishing. She's been a Director of Sales for a major Publishing company in Miami, FL and Vice President for TelZero, a telecommunications company. She has been a very successful entrepreneur, an investor in Real Estate and a Mortgage business owner.
Ari is currently involved in alternative and holistic healing modalities including The Reconnection(R) and now the Holistic Regenesis(R).