Holistic specialists a complementary and integrative medicine center unites cutting edge western medicine such as innovative functional medicine and clinical nutrition with Chinese medicines such as acupuncture, herbal therapy and natural alternative medicines to enhance health for the whole body. For many people that are just starting to improve their future with preventive medicine, “How can I lose weight?”, “How can I be healthy”, and “What are natural remedies?” are the most common questions, and our holistic specialists have created this website to give you the answers.

Holistic specialists are experienced functional medicine practitioners, acupuncturists and nutritionists that work side by side with medical doctors to develop integrated treatment plans. As a team we provide the safest most effective, least toxic and noninvasive ways to manage our patient’s health.

We are dedicated to researching and utilizing complementary healing practices in the context of rigorous science and experience. The advantage of Holistic Specialists teaming up with medical doctors is that through environmental and functional medicine, we are able to address the malfunction and focus on preventive care rather than disease care. This combination of eastern medicine and western medicine cannot be overstated. Our professional staff can diagnose and treat complex and mixed symptoms throughout the body. An example is: The kidney, the prostate, and the bladder while being separate organs, produce virtually identical urinary symptoms such as microscopic hematuria, gross hematuria (sangre orina), and urinary retention which need to be diagnosed with a comprehensive functional medicine approach, which is available at our Miami Holistic center.

Prior to full blown disease affecting an organ or system of our body, early intervention of the dynamic systems in our body can help prevent disease from occurring. Just as genetic, epigenetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors can produce cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, functional medicine, clinical nutrition, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, natural alternative medicine, moxibustion therapy, homeopathy and medical massage can bring our systems back into its optimized state to circumvent disease before it advances into a life altering problem.

Holistic specialists new alternative medicine center located at the Palmetto Diagnostic Center in Miami Dade County, Hialeah, Florida offers a soothing and welcoming environment, mixing cutting edge modern medical equipment, state of the art laboratory testing with private consultation offices. Our large comprehensive multi-lingual, multi-cultural holistic center is serving people from Florida, around the US and the international community.

Holistic Specialists founder Dr. Edward Gheiler, M.D, Dr. Fernando Bianco M.D, and Dr. Maximiliano Sorbellini M.D are proud to partner with Diego Rutenberg acupuncture physician and Holistic Specialists Program director, licensed acupuncture physicians Dr. Mariana Kamburov and Dr. Yuexian Shi and with Shantih Coro, Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition Director.

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Diego Rutenberg is a licensed acupuncturist in Florida and certified at the highest level by the NCCAOM. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the National Institute of Physical Education in Buenos Aires. He has more than twenty years of experience as a health and wellness practitioner, yoga teacher and fitness consultant and trainer. His deep understanding of how the body functions give him a unique ability to recognize and treat all kinds of illnesses specializing in pain and sports therapy.

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30 Minutes free phone consultation with health and nutrition expert Shanti Coro, to discuss your malaise, health complaint or weight loss and sport performance enhancement goals.
It is a time for Shanti Coro to listen to your health complaint, answer to your questions and explain you the proper action plan to rebuild your health from the ground up.

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Regular homemade juicing among our patients of selected fruits and vegetables with some fats, it is an easy way for our children and teens with digestive issues to get plenty of nutrients with anti inflammatory proprieties without causing any digestive
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Gluten and Casein Free (GCF), does nothing to improve the gut-brain axis function. #Autism #GlutenFree #CaseinFree https://t.co/izUGLrvPWx
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Many parents with children and teens fighting with an autoimmune disease have them to avoid many foods to see the symptoms improving. Even if certain foods is important to remove for a limited period of time, others should be still consumed in small amounts.
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Many do not know what the vitamin K2 is and its importance for bone and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 is fat soluble found mainly in full fat dairy and in today era of fat phobia most children and teens do not get it at all but also the factory farmed
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If your child or teen is a peaky eater or eat only few foods, that is a classic sign of gastrointestinal problems even if apparently there are no digestive symptoms. #PickyEater #Dysbiosi #FoodIntollerance
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#Turmeric is a potent #AntiInflammatory but has to be consumed with black pepper or #HealthyFats to be useful. https://t.co/JurjnZfXhT
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#SCFA are needed to rebuild a #HealthyGutFlora and are more important than probiotics. https://t.co/FccTZVVv6c
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During evolution , we have learned to make the SFCAs necessary to maintain a strong gut flora from fat; carnivores can manufacture SCFA in their stomach while we do in the small intestine , which has become elongated to give time to the enzyme lipase
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