We offer many types of alternative health balancing and health unit machines. As an advanced BodyTalk Practitioner I work with basic and advanced protocal including matrix work as in family bonds & Emotional balancing (past and present), phobias, Brain Balancing, Microbes, Hydration, Stress, and much more, plus many other alternatives as Reflexology-AcuTherapy-Foot Detox bath, Infrared Sauna, E-Power, ERE, Chi machine to name a few. When I call you on the phone, I can give you an Idea of the number of sessions needed and length for priorities and agendas. A consultation would be needed for a complete program but not for regular sessions.

At the session, I test the body energy s to find the most important concerns to be addressed. When working with the bodies priorities the body heals much faster and with little or no healing crisis. The facilitation can include many of the items listed above and more. In the first session you will notice many changes plus you will feel much more relaxed. The processing of the body systems may take a few minutes to more than a month, depending on the changes within the body systems. The next session will depends on this but the time frame can be determened at the end of the session.

The average person will require on average three sessions to address most of their concerns. At times the body will let us address an Agenda or two in the same session. Time release sessions can be added to begin at a later date, when the first session has finished processing. This is an advantage when you have a long distance to travel. Although I offer distance sessions, I prefer to work hands on. and All sessions are non-invasive. The BodyTalk System can also be done on a sleeping or even in a coma.

I offer rentals of most of my equipment, in my office, such as the foot detox bath and Clark/Rife style signal generators. This is a charge of $20. per.hr. (many charge $45 to $125 for assisted use) I will inform you how to use. For Energy work only the price is as follows; Regular sessions start at $25. for a mini session-and $45. for a short (30 min.)-and $65.Regular (60 min.)-and $90.for extended - also I offer Super Sessions at $125. that includes gem stones and vials containing energies that can increase the work to up to 150 items addressed. You may also book a retreat mega session.at $50. per hour, with in 25 miles. / 5 hour min.

I offer family and group discounts as well as pre-paid block discounts. Many CBP' charge more, up to $400 per hour (or $200 for a half hour session) or other energy workers a 15 min. for $90. but I know money is tight and I believe in doing all the body can process at each session.
So you can choose the plan that meets your needs. But, of course TIPS are always welcome. You may also book a retreat mega session. I am a self taught artist and have a small Gallery in my office with some originals and prints. I have Some prints for sale & can take orders. Oh, I also do portraits; I work from photos and my medias: Pastel-French Grays-charcoal-pencil-etc. plus I offer color & art work placement service (that you already have) for your home or office, placements according to your energies, of course!

Energy testing has great advantages, like the best gemstones or metals for your own systems & best operation or what can be an interference to you. All color effects you, and original art work carries energy of the artist. One piece may not have good energy in the bedroom but great in another room of the house, or no where in your home at all. These Energies can improve your mood and health or hinder it. Energy is in every thing and every where, as well as chemicals and microbes. It's to your advantage to find out what is good for you or what needs to be discarded from your environment, although you may only need to be balanced to the item rather than move it out !

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