I offer Reiki and Reiki classes, Jin Shin, Hypnotherapy, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, and more! I also offer my services for free to Veterans and their families, my way of thanking them for all that they have done for our country! I also have many resources to offer them!

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  Person Inner Light Healing, LLC
  City Loveland, CO
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  Phone Number (970) 744-2480

Products & Services

Reiki Sessions

Anything Between $25-$95 per session
Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki can also complement any medical or psychological care someone may be receiving. The human body is very powerful, and it has the ability to heal itself. Most people enjoy a wonderful, peaceful feeling after their first session. If there has been long term issues that have affected the body, multiple sessions may be required to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.

Before the Reiki session begins, I talk with the client, to get a better sense of what he/she may need. I then have the client lay on a massage table (fully clothed) and have them start to relax and get into a meditative state. I start at the head and work my way down. I try to clear the aura, heal the chakras, and help relax, so that the healing can begin. After a session, the client can lay on the table to soak up the good energy around them. After the client feels like they are ready to talk, I go over what I noticed during the session. I also let the client know that I will be getting in touch with them in 2 days to see how they are feeling, and if they have any questions for me. Reiki is a form of energy work & there is little to no touching. The client will stay clothed during this session.

Jin Shin

Anything Between $25-$95 per session
Jin Shin

Jin Shin is a type of energy work based on acupuncture, but without the use of needles. I read your pulse, and based on what it tells me, I use a specific flow for that client. Each client is different! Jin Shin helps the Meridians, eliminate blockages, and helps heal as we go along. This is a very relaxing and extremely therapeutic session for many!

Customer Testimonials

I've been going to Angela for years and I always love to go. In fact, each successive session - even if we used a new modality - is better than the previous! I highly recommend her.

Thank you Angela for the wonderful Reiki and Auriculotherapy session. I still feel like I am floating on a cloud from all the healing I did during and after it. I am grateful for all you helped me with. Thanks again!!

Four days after my first reiki/hypnotherapy session, and I'm still buzzing. Angela, you are amazing! Thank you!

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Inner Light Healing is a place to relax and release the negative emotions and energies that put immense strain on all facets of our daily lives. Stress is a major reason so many of us have depression, body aches, fatigue, and dis-ease. I believe that knowledge is another factor in helping you become the person you want to be, and deserve to be! I am in a constant search for new methods of treatment to assist me in my goal of helping others. There are so many modalities out there, and when used in combination, the benefits are extraordinary!

As the owner of Inner Light Healing, LLC, Angela wants to make a difference in her community. This is more than just a business for Angela, it is a way of life, and she wants to share that with everyone! She has been practicing energy work for over 10 years, gradually learning more and more techniques and practices throughout the years. Having learned so many new techniques and practices has made her sessions that much more powerful, as well as being able to equip her clients with what they need to continue moving forward.