We use many new therapies and natural healing to treat the whole person, rejuvenating you to good health. Unlike us, the usual medicine or therapy tends to heal symptoms rather than recover health, and treats body parts not the whole person.

Our modern therapies work on the whole "you," not just body parts. We do this because your body and mind work as an integrated whole, with each part affecting every other part. The bottom line is this: because of our long clinical experience, we trust you will receive better results from an integrative therapy approach than from usual therapy.

Our Advanced Therapeutic treatments include:

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Physical Pain and Emotional Relief Specialist
  • Optimum Health Thru Advanced Therapies
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs
  • Top in his Fields in Advanced Manual Therapies. Energy Medicine and Emotional Work
  • Skype Healing Sessions

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • New Mexico Massage Therapist Lic#4440
  • National Massage Cerification
  • KYITA certified in Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP)

Serviced Areas

  • Santa Fe, Taos, Espanola and Albuquerque New Mexico

Payment Options

  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Harbhajan S Khalsa
  City Santa Fe, NM
  Zip Code 87505
  Address 2074 Galisteo St. B-4
  Phone Number (505) 986-8300
  Mobile 575-613-2638

Business Representative

Harbhajan S Khalsa

Director/ Owner

A International Gifted Healer, Manual Therapist and Teacher with 34 years experance, with extensive training in Manual Therapy, the Mind and Emotional bodies with credentials in Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural & Vascular Manipulation, Neuro-Visceral-Emotional Synthesis, Somato Emotional and Trauma Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Global Joint Treatment, also training in Positional Release Therapy, Structural Alignment, and Chakra and Meridian Therapy.

Harbhajan treating Treating Chronic Physical Pain and Emotional Trauma, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Organ Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuies, Neurological Disorders, Vascular and Lymphatic Imbalances, Releasing Scar tissue, rehabilitating soft tissue, Ligament and Tendons Problems, Releasing Scar tissue, Treating Ligament and Tendons Problems.

Products & Services

Manual Therapy

Visceral Manipulation
Craniosacral Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Peripheral / Cranial Nerves
Positional Release Therapy
Structural Alignment
Vascular / Lymphatic Therapy
Brain / Spinal Cord Structures

Emotional Synthesis

Somato-Emotional Release
Reading Etheric Realms
Reading Akashic Records
Energy Work Sat Nam Rasayan
Clearing limiting beliefs and attitudes
Heart-Centered Therapy
Transcendental Healing (by phone)
Healing the Inner Child


Pilates (pih-LAH-teez) - For neuromuscular re-training, flexibility, core strength, balance, and optimum health. Pilates is for all the individuals because it's a low impact form of exercise. Those who use Pilates swear by its benefits. If you do Pilates regularly, they say, you'll have:

Better posture, body alignment, and balance
Greater body awareness
More flexibility
High and balanced muscle strength, particularly of the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the core muscles of the body)
Relief from back pain, sports injuries, and other chronic health troubles
Enhanced muscular control of the back and limbs and improved stabilization of the spine
Longer, leaner and better-conditioned muscles, especially your "deep" or underlying muscles
Better range of motion and freedom of movement
A whole-body workout
Relaxation of the shoulders, neck and upper back
Less stress and physical/mental tension

Customer Testimonials

Best healer/ body manipulator I've ever experienced.

Even the Mayo Clinic couldn’t help me. I was about to die. After 10 hopeless years and 14 surgeries, my pain left. It seemed effortless, my healing. It was miraculous.

I am recovering from a brain operation, cancer, and MS. After 20 minutes with Harbhajan, I was walking and pushing my own wheelchair.

When I first came to Harbhajan I was living with my husband's ghost, waking at 1:30 am every night, the time of his death. Nine months of sleep deprivation, caffeine, and a longtime marijuana addiction were only the beginning. For treatment, Harbhajan has helped me to reintegrate my emotional loss with positive healing. He has rediscovered and helped to heal broken ribs from a horrifying horseback riding accident, helping me to heal scar tissue in both my kidneys, along with all my neurological and cerebral problems. Through his visceral manipulation, our work together and his support of my yoga and meditation practices, I am grateful for a spiritual reawakening and emotional healing. He is teaching me how to transform my own life paths. Thank you, Harbhajan.

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