We can compare our nation's financial situation to an illness. It could be a slow, chronic process or we may spike a very rapid fever. Although painful, I hope that America's economic illness is swift and make us stronger in the end. As our nation weathers the fever of this financial crisis, we're forced to rethink the way we supply, receive and fund health care.

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At Sellwood Family Medicine we provide comprehensive, personal and proactive healthcare. As naturopathic physicans, we are experts in integrative therapies- those rooted in tradition but informed by science. We are also trained to serve as your primary care doctor providing evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic health conditions. From preventive wellness checkups to disease specific care, we can provide all of your family's healthcare needs. Our treatment plans use a combination of nutritional, botanical, injectable, pharmaceutical and physical medicine.

Alternative medicine is any therapy which is excluded by conventional medicine. As defined by the National Institutes of Health, integrative medicine combines mainstream medical therapies and CAM (alternative) therapies for which there is scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. Because of our firm belief in food as medicine, Sellwood Family Medicine has a backyard farm! We are now in our third season of growing organic fruit and vegetables. This year's crop includes. Sellwood Family Medicine, LLC has a great interest in environmental sustainability.

A Naturopathic physician is a primary care provider lisenced to provide many family practice services similar to a conventional medical doctor. Naturopathic physicians have a full formulary of pharmaceutical medications which we are trained to employ judiciously when necessary. Examples include antibiotics, antifungals, bio-identical hormones, blood pressure medications and pain management medications. We can provide minor surgery, IV therapy and routine examinations and lab work. What makes a Naturopathic Physician different is our training in holistic medicine and our expertise in modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, compounded prescription medications, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, and environmental medicine.