My areas of expertise and special interest are:

Stress and Anxiety
Trauma Recovery
Addiction Recovery
Issues with food
Grief and Loss
Relationship concerns
GLBT concerns

My approach to counseling is holistic, because I believe that addressing both mind and body in therapy facilitates greater positive change in you. I have been trained in a variety of techniques that have been helpful for many people:

Counseling Services
Private Yoga Lessons
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Clinical Supervision
Workplace Seminars

Contact Details

  City Oviedo, FL
  Zip Code 32765
  Address 2040 Winter Springs Blvd.
  Phone Number (407) 701-5414

Products & Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling sessions are generally 55 minutes in length. I tailor our work together in counseling to fit your needs and your personality. This may include a combination of motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, yoga therapy and emotional freedom technique (an exciting mind/body technique often referred to as “emotional acupuncture”) .

Individual counseling can be provided for older children (age 10+) , adolescents, and, of course, adults. I have many years of experience working with teenagers, and they are truly my passion. The mind/body techniques I use are especially helpful with this age group, particularly if they feel that mom or dad is “making” them go to counseling, because they get involved in the activities and often overcome that resistance very quickly, forgetting that that are actually doing counseling. It is my passion to provide a safe space for teenagers (as well as adults) to voice, and work on, their issues and concerns.

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Yay! Great article here.
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Because sometimes you just need a Snoopy hug.
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Indeed. This is part of the work of counseling - getting the heart to catch up to the head.
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So true. So often we want to hurry up and change...........but seeds take time to grow.
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A beautiful excerpt from a great fairy tale, and a great truth as well.
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Ooh, I love this. Yoga, meditation, therapy. .... all of these practices help to clear away the layers of dust to connect you with your true self.
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This is beautiful. We're so often afraid of change. .... but if we didn't change, we'd never have wings.
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using in practice, as well as to help my husband become a better speller. ;)
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If so, you are not alone. You are one of the millions of Americans struggling with anxiety. Treating anxiety and trauma-related issues is my specialty. I can help you to work through the fear and trauma so that you can let go of the constant worrying, relax, and achieve peace of mind. Events that happen to us in our lives don't cause us to feel badly; it's the way our minds and bodies respond to those events that lead us to feel badly. The good news about that is that we can work to change the way your mind and body respond to events, thus improving the way you feel.