Enjoy and have the comfort of a private practice setting. In a warm and inviting ambiance, allow the therapeutic milieu start to induce your path towards healthy posture and balance. It isn't like the cold and sterile hallways of medical centers and no some long time waiting.

Appreciate the time taken to treat you like a customer, seen and heard as a whole and multi-faceted person as your physical shell has taken your unique history and story, all in which have turned you into the person who you are now. Cherish the one-on-one attention given to you as you would like, fostering a genuine method to real healing and positive change. Finally, be grateful and commend yourself for making the selection to invest in longstanding health and radiant well-being.

Profoundly improve the quality of your life and restore the natural healthy alignment, balance, ease, and fluidity that is inherently is present within all of us. Empower yourself and embrace the responsibility for your own radiant health and well-being. Embody lifelong resources and invaluable movement re-education tools to rely on yourself and your body for support and resilient well-being.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Biomechanical Assessment/Correction
  • Movement Re-Education
  • Client-Practitioner Dialogue

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • IASI - International Association of Structural Integration
  • ABMP - Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Serviced Areas

  • Flatiron, Manhattan

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

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  Person MKSI - Minki Kim Structural Integration
  City New York , NY
  Zip Code 10010
  Address 1123 Broadway, # 717
  Phone Number (917) 622-3941
  Mobile 9176223941

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MKSI - Minki Kim Structural Integration


Minki Kim has an experience in clinical psychology and actualizes holistic health and balance by influencing the mind through the body. He trusts that by reorganizing the facial matrix, which includes every muscle, bone, organ, nerve & blood vessel, you can find out and restore your natural alignment and balance. Realign with a life filled with ease, grace, balance,and fluidity, and feel liberated from chronic pain, tension, and rigidity. Minki Kim trusts reorganizing and re-storing overall posture is paramount to your lifelong well-being and radiant health.

Products & Services

Rolfing is an inquiry into how you live in your body.

The entire process is a kinesthetic and interoceptive (the ability to read and interpret sensations arising from within your body) introduction to how you feel about your body. Our bodies do an uncanny job of regulating our continuously changing internal states maintaining homeostasis. We derive feelings and self-awareness from the physiological condition of our bodies. Such feelings we perceive from our bodies are temperature, pain, tickle, sensual touch, muscular and visceral sensations, vasomotor flush, hunger, thirst, air hunger, and others related to the body’s state. The neuroanatomical components (i. e., skin, brain, and spinal cord) constitute a basis for the subjective evaluation of one’s condition, or that is, ‘how you feel, ’ and engenders self-awareness.

Customer Testimonials

Beautiful structural integration work, by Minki Kim. Helped me alleviate pain caused by body imbalance and restructure my posture. What a great experience! Thank you Minki.

I want to say MKSI was the best . I have been improving gradually every day . This includes my posture and changing in eating healthier. I already finished my weeks , but will schedule an appointment soon for a tune in . I have already recommending friends to this since they are seeing the improvements, but it is up to them to try it. I know I will again. Thanks Minki

When I first heard about Structural Integration, I felt like it was the perfect time in my life to undergo a restorative and preventative form of physical therapy. My right shoulder area was bothering me but it wasn't debilitating or in need of surgical attention. Minki is very attentive and knowledgeable about gently and naturally restoring your body to its original posture. I signed up for the 10-Series with full faith that I would feel 100% better afterward. His practice also helped me to move my body efficiently to avoid injury and fatigue. I can honestly say that I feel much more fluid in my daily movements and have a renewed sense of energy through simple posturing techniques. And, of course, my right shoulder functioning perfectly again!

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