Our goal is to provide affordable edible and medicinal plants to our clients. Sure, the dried or capsulated version is available anywhere - even at Amazon(R)! We aim to make the live fresh version available to you and a very affordable price!

True, you may have to transplant it, nourish it and water it for it to grow into a usable herb, however that will be all the more worthwhile, the first time you taste your homemade dishes and see how much more lively the flavor is with FRESH HERBS FROM YOUR GARDEN! You don't need a lot of space for these, many can be grown on a window sill or on a patio! From our greenhouse to your kitchen!

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  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, cash is always nice!

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The growing season has now ended and we had a bust year. Our CoFounder Mary Amico Stoddard became very ill just following her 90th birthday in June and passed away quietly in her sleep in September. Next year's bounty will be grown in her spirit.
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Tumeric is good for you! Call us today for a free sample of this pungent root herb! According to Dr Axe it aids in the healing of these medical conditions:IndigestionHeart burnNauseaDiarrheaLiver problemsIncreased risk of bleedingIncreased liver function
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We now have fresh tumeric tubers for sale 1" long $3 each!
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