Live Your Potential! Acupuncture is a part of Chinese Traditional Medicine which has been successfully used for over 3000 years.

§ The Philosophy: An energy called ‘chi’ circulates through invisible channels , also called meridians, within our bodies. The practitioner helps to unblock, slow down, speed-up, drain, or supplement these pathways to recoup proper energy flow.

§ The Methodology: A treatment nearly always includes needles, which are sterile, paper-thin, and usually painless. While inserted, they stimulate known points on well-documented channels. The needles remain in the body for 20 minutes, then are removed and disposed.

§ Your Recovery: Depending upon your condition, you should receive a small series of treatments, which usually are both relaxing and rejuvenating. Most people come in once a week, although more frequent visits often ensure quicker recovery. Each week, your case is evaluated and as we monitor your state of health, treatments are adjusted accordingly.

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  Person Nanci Simari
  City Eastport , NY
  Zip Code 11941
  Address 499 Montauk Highway, rear cottage
  Phone Number (631) 729-3005

Business Representative

Nanci Simari

Acupuncturist / Practitioner

Nanci Simari is a caring, supportive practitioner who enjoys takng the time for each person's individual concerns. Her aim is to have you leave her office feeling better and better each time.

Ms. Simari is a New York State licensed acupuncturist who holds a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, which includes the NCCAOM certification in Chinese herbal therapy. She is CCAOM certified for clean needle technique. Additionally, she has been working in the healing arts since 1995, with an emphasis on Western medicinal herbs.

Her areas of interest include stress reduction; pain management, including low back, neck, and joints as well as migraines and other headaches; and women’s issues, including PMS, menopausal complaints, and infertility.

Products & Services

Harvest Your Medicine

Finding your medicine in your own backyard is easy and FUN, whether you’re a city dweller, a suburbanite, or plain country folk. Nearly anywhere I’ve been in the past 11 years, I could look down and around from practically the same spot (including right at this moment- from precisely where I am now standing) , and see a fantastic handful of herbs!

For example, from my present position, I see dandelion, sweet violet, clover, plantain, a magnolia tree, a ginkgo tree, and I know right over there sits a burdock patch with plenty of yellow dock. A little further some golden rod and a garden with a big patch of yarrow grow. And it’s only April -in New York City! Right in the middle of this great urban debacle, I have a bevy of herbs that nourish and heal.

Flus, Colds, and Winter Allergies

The historical and still practical Chinese medical texts devote large sections to the treatment of wind-cold and wind-heat. In fact, it is such a part of Chinese culture that lay people use these terms to describe ‘a cold’ and know some of the herbs to treat it. They also know that the acupuncturist can help them ‘release the exterior’ and thus restore health.

First we do what’s referred to as releasing the exterior through certain needle selections based on your particular presentation and constitution. We assess your current needs through a series of questions plus our usual pulse and tongue diagnosis. The depth of the pathogen is determined, and if it has recently invaded your body, then it usually needs to be released.